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n. pl. sym·phy·ses (-sēz′)
a. A growing together of bones originally separate, as of the two pubic bones or the two halves of the lower jawbone.
b. A line or junction thus formed.
c. An articulation in which bones are united by cartilage without a synovial membrane.
2. The coalescence of similar parts or organs.

[Greek sumphusis, from sumphuein, to cause to grow together : sun-, syn- + phuein, to cause to grow; see bheuə- in Indo-European roots.]

sym′phy·se′al (sĭm′fĭ-sē′əl), sym·phys′i·al (sĭm-fĭz′ē-əl) adj.
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Internal fixation of symphyseal disruption resulting from childbirth.
study used the symphyseal face of pubic bone as a critical means to
Tehnike stabilizacije Type of fixation/Tip stabilizacije Patients (%) Pacijent Symphyseal plate/Ploca za simfizu 1 4 External fixator/Spoljasnji fiksator 3 12 SI screws/SI zavrtnjevi 3 12 Posterior plat dPloca pozadi 3 12 Symphyseal plate + posterior plat dPloca za 2 8 simfizu + ploca pozadi Symphyseal plate + SI screws /Ploca za 7 28 simfizu + SI zavrtnjevi Symphyseal plate + anterior plate + SI screws 1 4 /Ploca za simfizu + ploca napred + SI zavrtnjevi Anterior plate + posterior plate/ 3 12 Ploca napred + ploca pozadi SI screws + external fixator/SI 1 4 zavrtnjevi + spoljasnj i fiksator SI screws + anterior plate/SI 1 4 zavrtnjevi + ploca napred Graph 1.
Palpation of the mandible did not reveal any discontinuity in the mid symphyseal region or abnormal mobility of any region.
The intraosseous anatomy of the mental nerve is of particular importance in dental implant surgery; the nerve may be damaged if the interforaminal area of the mandible is invaded during surgery or while harvesting block grafts from the symphyseal region.
We authors of the article entitled "Subcolectomy and symphyseal distraction-osteotomy using a spacer of spirally fashioned orthopedic wire: A treatment option for cats with pelvic canal stenosis, megacolon and obstipation" declared, for all due purposes, that the project that gave rise to the present data of has not been submitted for evaluation to the Ethics Committee of the Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense, but we are aware of the content of the Brazilian resolutions of the Conselho Nacional de Controle de Experimentacao Animal (CONCEA) <http://www.
Nonextraction treatment with rapid maxillary expansion and mandibular symphyseal distraction osteogenesis and vertical skeletal dimensions.
A revised method of age determination using the os pubis, with a review and test of accuracy of other current methods of pubis symphyseal ageing.
5 cm of anterior symphyseal disruption can be managed non-operatively.
of the pelvis was performed with a protector for the gonads and thus the symphyseal diastasis could not be determined in an appropriate manner.
Elliptical Fourier analysis of symphyseal shape in great ape mandibles.