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n. pl. sym·phy·ses (-sēz′)
a. A growing together of bones originally separate, as of the two pubic bones or the two halves of the lower jawbone.
b. A line or junction thus formed.
c. An articulation in which bones are united by cartilage without a synovial membrane.
2. The coalescence of similar parts or organs.

[Greek sumphusis, from sumphuein, to cause to grow together : sun-, syn- + phuein, to cause to grow; see bheuə- in Indo-European roots.]

sym′phy·se′al (sĭm′fĭ-sē′əl), sym·phys′i·al (sĭm-fĭz′ē-əl) adj.
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Notably, the symphyseal processes of the dentary are elongated and reflected dorsally, causing the dentaries to meet with a 'W'-shaped anterior profile," researchers described the Aquilarhinus.
Gutermann et al7 conducted a study to evaluate possible associations of lower incisor inclination with gender, age, symphyseal parameters, and skeletal pattern.
Treatment and stabilization of beak symphyseal separation using interfragmentary wiring and provisional bisacryl composite.
However, there were five traits in which there was poor agreement, such as the dorsal symphyseal texture of the right side of the pubic symphysis and the middle surface morphology of both sides of the auricular surface, among others.
Expansion of the mandibular contour by tumor may, however, make this technique difficult as overprojection of the symphyseal region typically occurs in this situation.
(28) reported in a comparative study of osteoplastic and alloplastic augmentation mentoplasty that the use of alloplastic materials on cases with severe retrognathia, a high likelihood of symphyseal resorption, and distinct asymmetry on the vertical plane is not successful.
Tessier 30 symphyseal mandibular cleft: Early simultaneous soft and hard tissue correction--A case report.
Her nasal tip was slightly bulbous with a wide dorsum in addition to a bony prominence in the symphyseal and parasymphyseal regions.
Internal fixation of symphyseal disruption resulting from childbirth.