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n. pl. sym·po·di·a (-dē-ə)
An apparent axis that develops when growth occurs by means of lateral branches rather than continuing along the principal stem, often having a zigzag or irregular form. Also called pseudaxis.

[New Latin : syn- + Greek podion, base (from pous, pod-, foot; see ped- in Indo-European roots).]

sym·po′di·al (-dē-əl) adj.
sym·po′di·al·ly adv.
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On maturity, the data were recorded for morphological characters viz., node number of first fruiting branch, node number of first effective boll formation, node height up to first fruiting branch, plant height, monopodial branches per plant, sympodial branches per plant, bolls per plant, seed cotton yield per plant and within-boll yield components like boll weight, seeds per boll, lint mass per boll, lint percentage (%), seed cotton per seed and lint per seed, from randomly selected five plants.
The characters studied were; 1st sympodial node number, sympodial branches/plant, bolls/plant, boll weight, lint percentage, fibre length, micronaire value and seed cotton yield/plant.
For the castor bean hybrid Tamar--cycle of 140-160 days, height of 1.60-1.70 m, sympodial growth and first raceme appearance at 30 DAE; for the castor bean hybrid Ag Ima 110204--cycle of 140-160 days, height of 1.70-1.80 m, sympodial growth and first raceme appearance at 35 DAE.
Irish, "JOINTLESS suppresses sympodial identity in inflorescence meristems of tomato," Planta, vol.
Dendrocalamus giganteus is a sympodial bamboo species found largely in southern and southeastern Asian countries (Cheng et al.
Cryphaeaceae were traditionally regarded as members of the Leucodontales based on their pleurocarpic habit and a sympodial branching pattern (Buck, 1998).
Greater numbers of cotton squares on the soil surface strips near the plant's lap corresponds to the first, second, and third position of the fruitful or sympodial branch until the sixth node of main axis, where most of these reproductive structures are located (GRIGOLLI et al., 2013).
Kinnow has naturally sympodial growth habit, farming an outsized bush (eighteen-twenty feet tall) if neglect of pruning.
Cotton plants emerged during 15 March to 15 April compensated their delayed emergence by achieving maximum height, more number of bolls, monopodial and sympodial branches as well as early blooming and with higher economic returns for October picking.
General combining ability mean squares for all the characters were significant at 5% level of probability in case of plant height and lint index, and were significant at 1% level for sympodial branches plant-1, number of bolls plant-1, boll weight, seed index and seed cotton yield plant-1.