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Adj.1.synaesthetic - relating to or experiencing synesthesia; involving more than one sense; "synesthetic response to music"; "synesthetic metaphor"
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A few years later, Russolo would become one of the first modern artists to experiment with noise; and there is a synaesthetic quality to this painting as it depicts the wild colours illuminating an almighty meteorological racket.
I am also fascinated by his conceptual world, synaesthetic projects and visions.
For instance, in the opening "Dedication to Christina Rossetti," the rentrement "Songs light as these" alludes not only to the roundel's categorization as light verse but also to a constitutive feature of Swinburne's roundels: the synaesthetic interplay of the acoustic ("Songs") and the visual ("light") (p.
Sound is more important in media storytelling than is generally supposed, and the other human senses certainly come into play through synaesthetic extension.
wines are people, wines are clothes, wines are buildings, wines are objects and wines are food) and a set of synaesthetic metaphors drawn from the perceptual mode of hearing.
Hopkins's] synaesthetic sensibility shows up particularly in his defense of William Barnes's poetry on the basis of their "West-country instress.
It's been a great honour to work in response to Hughie's powerful series of paintings and as a synaesthetic composer, who responds to colour through music, I have been hugely inspired by how Hughie captures the essence of the past in a layering of vibrant colours and creative textures - remembering all those who died at the Battle of the Somme.
Moreover, they seem to manifest more profound and continuous resonances: firstly, the depiction of the artist emerging in and through the city, secondly the choice of the autobiographical form, an aspect which leads us to the third analogy, the kinesthetic and synaesthetic composition of reality, and finally, the constitutionality of movements as the ontogenetic relation from which the artist and the city emerge as different, but related entities.
One provocative example will illustrate this synaesthetic phenomenon and the political role it performed.
No one knew who told it, synaesthetic sound of orange in the air, sound itself new to them, strange again, both beginning to ask what sound was .
Outlining a poetics of pictorial rhythm, Louvel differentiates between four categories: the image in the text can be "seen from the perspective of the figuration of time as it is represented through the journey of the eye or the body," it can be "envisaged through its relation to rhythm, or as time in the form of movement ," the image can be conceived "as the flesh and voice of the text, a supplement of being in a synaesthetic mode," or as speed provoking emotional movement and figures as an acceptance of the other (171).
Chuck" (4), another example of Cash's labor transmuted onto the visual surface of the page, but which can also be thought of as a transfiguration of engaged material and synaesthetic activity into virtual and detached optical space that preserves the possibility of both, that marks the distinction between Cash as carpenter and Darl as narrator.