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Noun1.synchroneity - the relation that exists when things occur at the same time; "the drug produces an increased synchrony of the brain waves"
temporal relation - a relation involving time
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At their funniest, Proctor's stories turn on her ability to conjure her former and present selves with near-perfect synchroneity. She likes poking fun at young Minna, the kind of writer who knocked around the halls of a useless, if prestigious, MFA program writing "painful and painfully horrible" stories based on her adolescent follies: running away from home, snorting heroin with a guy named Guy.
Here we discuss just a fraction of the data collected and concentrate on one aspect - how reliable different biozones are in terms of their synchroneity when crossing facies boundaries within a sedimentary basin or over a wider area.
From there using his own and other records he investigated rates of sedimentation, regional sequences of revegetation after final deglaciation, rates of vegetation change, climatic interpretation of that change and the possible synchroneity of the North American and European climatic histories.
The Qaidam basin has been undergoing continuous shortening since the beginning of the Cenozoic and show good synchroneity with uplifting history of the Qinhai-Tibet Plateau (Wenchen et al, 2001).
The well-dated glacier records from these regions collectively suggest broad synchroneity in the timing of Little Ice Age activity in northwestern North America (Luckman and Villalba, 2001).
(2002): "Synchroneity between marine and terretrial responses to millenial scale climatic variability during the last glacial period in the Mediterranean region", Glymate Dynamics, 19, pp.
Some indication of the importance of reworking can be gauged by the apparent lack of synchroneity of initiation of deposition at the two sites.
The stratigraphic relationship of this sequence to recognizable HI DC layers indicates the synchroneity of local and global meltwater influxes.