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 (sĭng′krə-nĭz′əm, sĭn′-)
1. Coincidence in time; simultaneousness.
2. A chronological listing of historical personages or events so as to indicate parallel existence or occurrence.
3. Representation in the same artwork of events that occurred at different times.

syn′chro·nis′tic, syn′chro·nis′ti·cal (-tĭ-kəl) adj.
syn′chro·nis′ti·cal·ly adv.
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(ˌsɪŋkrəˈnɪstɪk) or


of, relating to, or exhibiting synchronism
ˌsynchroˈnistically adv
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The Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi presents a selection of artworks from its own collection, which embody the meaning of popular culture and its synchronistic relationship with 'the city', at a new exhibition which will run at Manarat Al Saadiyat until 6 October.
I envisaged something that does pertain to what you see in the film, which is so synchronistic and strange.
When asked to describe his motivation for writing this fictional action/adventure/thriller, Boleyn responded, "Since early childhood I have been afflicted with an incurable curiosity about the true history of our world, primarily the trans-oceanic hypothesis of Mesoamerican and Mesopotamian cultures rising in a synchronistic fashion at similar times.
"I mean just like synchronistic stuff all the way around on this."
II's evidentiary requirement is synchronistic with its doctrinal
But somehow my life works in a nice synchronistic pattern--every time I think I'm going to have a nice relaxing period another crisis comes along to fill the vacuum."
"Synchronistic global growth is achieved usually when foreign trade is growing." could hold growth back.
The emphasis on social justice research within the school counseling literature is synchronistic with the aims and goals of RP.
For what is up to you, but a synchronistic meeting holds the key, look for that introduction.