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1. One appointed to represent a corporation, university, or other organization in business transactions; a business agent.
2. A civil magistrate or similar government official in some European countries.

[French, from Old French sindiz, from Late Latin syndicus, from Greek sundikos, public advocate : sun-, syn- + dikē, justice; see deik- in Indo-European roots.]

syn′di·cal adj.


1. (Education) Brit a business agent of some universities or other bodies
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in several countries) a government administrator or magistrate with varying powers
[C17: via Old French from Late Latin syndicus, from Greek sundikos defendant's advocate, from syn- + dikē justice]
ˈsyndicˌship n
ˈsyndical adj


(ˈsɪn dɪk)

1. a person chosen to represent and transact business for a corporation, as a university.
2. a civil magistrate having different powers in different countries.
[1595–1605; < French < Late Latin syndicus city official < Greek sýndikos advocate, lawyer]
syn′dic•ship`, n.
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Noun1.syndic - one appointed to represent a city or university or corporation in business transactions
broker, factor, agent - a businessman who buys or sells for another in exchange for a commission


[ˈsɪndɪk] Nsíndico m
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A political spy, a stock-jobber, a contractor, a man who confiscated in collusion with the syndic of a commune the property of emigres in order to sell them and buy them in, a minister, and a general were all equally engaged in public business.
Among the admirers of these splendid toilettes, our friend Malicorne was conspicuous; he was the son of a syndic of the city, of whom M.
As to the good man, Malicorne -- we speak of the syndic of Orleans -- he did not see more clearly into the present than others did into the future; and had no suspicion as he walked, every day, between three and five o'clock, after his dinner, upon the Place Sainte-Catherine, in his gray coat, cut after the fashion of Louis XIII.
Swearing and grumbling, he had recourse to the syndic of his brotherhood at Antibes, who administer justice among themselves and protect each other; but the gentleman had exhibited a certain paper, at sight of which the syndic, bowing to the very ground, enjoined obedience from the fisherman, and abused him for having been refractory.
"Well, the man whom I offer you is a general syndic."
My ancestors had been for many years counsellors and syndics, and my father had filled several public situations with honour and reputation.
To make matters worse, French leaseback investors are often facing escalating running costs and are at loss on how to deal with such co-ownership charges through the "Syndic de Co-propriete" (Building Manager).
La probabilite de voir le juge commissaire et le syndic judiciaire clamer haut et fort leur incapacite a vendre, dans les meilleures conditions, la raffinerie de Mohammedia et mettre ses cles sous le paillasson, est-elle aujourd'hui envisageable voir e possible?
Tout immeuble doit avoir un syndic La commune d'Alger-centre semble determinee a mettre fin a ce phenomene.
La chambre civile du tribunal de premiere instance de Grombalia a deboute le syndic des proprietaires de la region des jardins de Hammamet de la plainte deposee contre l'homme d'affaires Khaled Kobbi, rapporte le quotidien Assabah.
The rising-tide-lifts-all-boats maxim was a factor in the decision by CBS' syndic arm and Tribune Broadcasting to give a second-season renewal to Arsenio Hall's latenight strip.