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1. An association of people or firms formed to promote a common interest or carry out a business enterprise.
2. A loose affiliation of gangsters in control of organized criminal activities.
3. An agency that sells articles, features, or photographs for publication in a number of newspapers or periodicals simultaneously.
4. A company consisting of a number of separate newspapers; a newspaper chain.
5. The office, position, or jurisdiction of a syndic or body of syndics.
v. (-kāt′) syn·di·cat·ed, syn·di·cat·ing, syn·di·cates
a. To organize into or manage as a syndicate.
b. To sell (a horse) to a syndicate.
2. To sell (a comic strip or column, for example) through a syndicate for simultaneous publication in newspapers or periodicals.
3. To sell (a television series, for example) directly to independent stations.
a. To create a feed for (a website), allowing users to include content from the website in other websites or to view the content.
b. To include (the contents of a website) on another website by using a feed.
To join together in a syndicate.

[French syndicat, from Old French, office of syndic, from Medieval Latin syndicātus, from Late Latin syndicus, syndic; see syndic.]

syn′di·ca′tion n.
syn′di·ca′tor n.


(Commerce) US a person who establishes a syndicate
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Noun1.syndicator - a businessman who forms a syndicate
businessman, man of affairs - a person engaged in commercial or industrial business (especially an owner or executive)
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is a syndicator of the low-income housing tax credits (LIHTC) program and an affiliate of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation.
(OTC: EXMT) has acquired Tennessee, US-based lender and loan syndicator Onyx International Group to expand in financial markets, the company said.
Edward Hide (pictured) 80 16-time Cock of the North; Paul Cook 71 rider of Glad Rags & Touching Wood; Frank Morby 83 former champion jockey in Kenya; John Kelly 70 chairman of Ladbrokes Coral; Mary Jo Lohmeier 54 trainer of Countess Diana & Richter Scale; David Harvey 75 trainer of Schwartzhalle; Rose Dobbin 38 trainer of Jonniesofa; Shirley Vickery 50 rider of Teeton Mill; Sharon Oliver 59 rider of Aonoch; Bruce Blair QC 71 member of the BHA appeal board; Tom Werner 67 co-owner of Fredwel; Russell Reed 58 breeder & owner; Gerry Morrissey 57 head of broadcasting union Bectu & Cheltenham member; David Cassidy 67 singer & racehorse owner; Gordon Farr 57 owner & racehorse syndicator Please notify birthday greetings to us at least one week before publication
Current HDC President Gary Rodney is leaving the agency at the end of this month to become Chairman of CREA, LLC, a private sector syndicator of affordable housing tax credits.
QuoteMedia is a leading software developer and syndicator of financial market information and streaming financial data solutions to media, corporations, online brokerages, and financial services companies.
At that time, a syndicator was your stereotypical dapper traveling salesman (there were very few women then) who--in a suit showing off his handkerchief drooping from the breast pocket (the puff fold), a collar pin underneath the knot of the necktie and wearing a pinky ring--visited local TV stations trying to wiggle out with a 30-minute time slot from the program or station manager.
It is the second largest syndicator of loans in India and 4th largest in Asia-Pacific.
"Every day thousands of pitches are thrown across professional baseball and each one generates dozens of individual data points that we track in real time, making it imperative to partner with a state-of-the-art statistical syndicator and distributor such as STATS to optimize how we serve our fans," said Kenny Gersh, Senior Vice President, Business Development, MLBAM.
The Washington Post's "Comic Riffs" blog has an interview today with Daryl Cagle, political cartoonist and syndicator who runs, the Political Cartoonists Index Web site.
That's a huge chunk of capital to replace," said William Traylor, president of Richman Housing Resources, a syndicator of the credits.