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 (sĭn′ər-jĕt′ĭk) also syn·er·gic (sĭ-nûr′jĭk)


a variant of synergistic
[C17: from Greek sunergētikos, from syn- + -ergētikos, from ergon work; see energy]


(ˌsɪn ərˈdʒɛt ɪk)

working together; cooperative.
[1675–85; < Greek synergētikós]
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Adj.1.synergetic - working together; used especially of groups, as subsidiaries of a corporation, cooperating for an enhanced effect; "a synergistic effect"
cooperative - done with or working with others for a common purpose or benefit; "a cooperative effort"


Working together toward a common end:
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The company's activities are synergetic with Frutarom's activities in South Africa in the field of flavors, which have grown at rates higher than the rate of market growth over the past few years.
Mr Davies, who was made managing director of Magstim in 2012, said: "The acquisition of Seren Medical by Magstim is a fantastic opportunity to align synergetic neurological products into market, contributing to Magstim's ambitious plans for growth."
Gainesville, VA, April 18, 2013 --( Veteran owned Synergetic Associates, LLC announced today significant progress in their OpenStack automated installation project targeted at achieving greater adoption and use for the struggling open source community Cloud Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS) effort.
The two-day conference focuses on the latest development in computing, networking and software and their synergetic integration to solve practical industrial problems and explore theoretical engineering venues.
Command antivirus -- which also includes technology to protect against spyware, Trojan downloaders, and other threats -- is strongly synergetic with the rest of Commtouch's product portfolio.
Guido Forstbach, president Division Coatings & Sealants, adding that there would also be synergetic effects with other business fields of ALTANA.
New York City itself comes alive in both novels, which pulse with a synergetic resonance that reflects the author's personal life experience.
Editors Zaikov, Jimenez and Monakov (no affiliations listed) include research on such topics as novel carriers for controlled drug delivery systems, the mechanical properties of starch-based nano-biocomposites and the synergetic model of glass transition for polymeric materials.
Customers can take advantage of the synergetic effects of this network; from the seed right through to the extract, all raw materials, product concepts and services associated with plant-based products are available from a single address (www.
Raychan's activity is highly synergetic with Frutarom's activity in Israel and that of the Nesse company, which was acquired at the beginning of 2006.
Meanwhile, Ghosn, also CEO of Renault SA, emphasized the synergetic effect of the alliance between Nissan and the French automaker.
The genuinely synergetic relationship between the glass of a great Gothic Cathedral and its structure compares tellingly with a phrase used by Ann Warff in a Glass Conference at the Royal College of Art in 1986, where she described her work as being 'guests in architecture, just as, in a way, architecture and buildings are guests on our earth.