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also syn·aes·the·sia  (sĭn′ĭs-thē′zhə)
1. A condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another, as when the hearing of a sound produces the visualization of a color.
2. A sensation felt in one part of the body as a result of stimulus applied to another, as in referred pain.
3. The description of one kind of sense impression by using words that normally describe another.

syn′es·thet′ic (-thĕt′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.synesthetic - relating to or experiencing synesthesia; involving more than one sense; "synesthetic response to music"; "synesthetic metaphor"
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Her astute flower philosophy reveals her unique synesthetic take on color and the personalities of each flower.
Cheema's priority as an artist might seem absolute realism, yet the emotive quality of his objects and their careful selection, has a nostalgic and synesthetic nature.
Adorno, in thrall to the music of Alban Berg and Albert Schoenberg, and the uncredited source for much of the portrayal of Schoenberg in Thomas Mann's Doctor Faustus (1947), is clearly the figure in whom "the synesthetic agitation of music culminates, as a point of agonized conscience" (51).
In John Keats's poetry of sensory saturation and intoxication, we may expect the synesthetic potential of sound and sight melting into one another.
Since Merz's gift is for the singular, sudden apercu, this longer poem's synesthetic evocation of music seems strained.
Having steadily moved from the static image-sculptures for which she has previously been known toward kinetic and dynamic installations, here Novitskova created a synesthetic, almost theatrical experience.
This is rightly so, as some sort of synesthetic blending happens in her sixth album since 2007.
(12) The Watchman states that he is waiting for a signal-fire "to carry out of Troy the rumor /and outcry of its capture" (9-10; [phrase omitted] the synesthetic line suggests that the flames of Troy s destruction will somehow leap across the mountains all the way to Argos, carrying with them the audible cries of the combatants.
Crane provides a new synesthetic color field with his sensual language.