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Genetically identical or closely related, so as to allow tissue transplant; immunologically compatible: syngeneic grafts; syngeneic mice.

[From Greek sungeneia, kinship : syn-, syn- + genos, family; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]

syn·ge·ne′i·cal·ly adv.


(ˌsɪndʒɪˈniːɪk; ˌsɪndʒɪˈneɪɪk) or


(Genetics) with identical genes
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CTX-471 has demonstrated potent monotherapy activity against multiple syngeneic tumor models including the generation of long-term functional immunological memory.
In conjunction, the use of OB-002 alone, or in combination with a checkpoint inhibitor, was efficacious in the CT-26 syngeneic colorectal cancer model, which provided the rationale for this Pre-IND submission, concluded the company .
A poster titled "Enhancement of anti-PD-1 antitumor efficacy in syngeneic preclinical models by the angiogenesis inhibitor lucitanib" was presented Monday and shows that lucitanib combined with an anti-PD-1 agent enhances the anti-tumor activity of either single agent in multiple syngeneic animal models.
Humanity's reproduction of the syngeneic state of identical twins in the last century has been recognized as an outstanding achievement for modern science.
BioDuro biology maintains an advanced in vivo oncology capability, including 18,000 sq ft AAALAC accredited vivarium, cell-derived xenograft, patient-derived xenograft, and syngeneic oncology models, with animal imaging and multi-color flow cytometry for immune cell analysis.
Busulfan, cyclophosphamide and fractionated total body irradiation for autologous or syngeneic marrow transplantation for acute and chronic myelogenous leukemia: Phase I dose escalation of busulfan based on targeted plasma levels.
15, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) vaccines prevent tumor growth in syngeneic murine cancer models in a prophylactic setting, according to a study published online Feb.
Silva et al., "Respiratory allergy to Blomia tropicalis: immune response in four syngeneic mouse strains and assessment of a low allergen-dose, short-term experimental model," Respiratory Research, vol.
Orengo et al., "Transient depletion of [CD4.sup.+] T cells augments IL-21-based immunotherapy of disseminated neuroblastoma in syngeneic mice," International Journal of Cancer, vol.
Our laboratory previously developed an orthotopic model of metastatic osteosarcoma using BALB/c syngeneic K7M2 tumor cells transfected with a luciferase reporter for real-time disease monitoring using IVIS.