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n. pl. syn·on·y·mies
1. The quality of being synonymous; equivalence of meaning.
2. Study and classification of synonyms.
3. A list, book, or system of synonyms.
4. Biology A chronological list of the published scientific names that have been applied to a species.
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n, pl -mies
1. (Linguistics) the study of synonyms
2. the character of being synonymous; equivalence
3. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a list or collection of synonyms, esp one in which their meanings are discriminated
4. (Biology) biology a collection of the synonyms of a species or group
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(sɪˈnɒn ə mi)

n., pl. -mies for 3, 4.
1. the quality of being synonymous; equivalence in meaning.
2. the study of synonyms.
3. a set, list, or system of synonyms.
4. Biol. a list of the scientific names, with explanatory matter and location of type or types, for a particular taxonomic group.
[1600–10; < Late Latin synōnymia]
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 synonyms collectively, 1683.
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Noun1.synonymy - the semantic relation that holds between two words that can (in a given context) express the same meaning
semantic relation - a relation between meanings
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[sɪˈnɒnəmɪ] Nsinonimia f
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nSynonymik f
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[sɪˈnɒnəmɪ] nsinonimia
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When affixes acquire new senses, competition also emerges, such that more than one affix may share the same meaning (1) and potentially also the same domain of application; "expansion into new "territory" creates new potential for formation and thus enhances productivity, which leads to further expansion, which leads to further synonymy and potential competitors." (Pounder 2000: 669; see also Lieber 2004: 115).
Think 'Z Cars' for Everton, The Beautiful South's 'Rotterdam' at Luton Town, or Sunderland's former synonymy with Republica's 'Ready To Go' - from which a popular club message board takes its name.
Lexical relation: hyponymy and hypernymy, homonymy, antonymy, synonymy
Rules-based and model-based approaches like NLP, which operate on a keyword level, cannot take into account polysemy and synonymy. Polysemy means the coexistence of many possible meanings for a word or phrase such as jaguar or java, while synonymy refers to different terms with equivalent meanings, such as the way 'valid' can mean authorised, legitimate, or licit.
In this sense, he attempts to point out the synonymy between a biography writer and a sell-out.His view serves to illuminate the level of phobia that ordinarily occasions the thought of one having the story of their lives told through the eyes and perspective of an observer.
He covers fallacies of translation; some relevant terms in translation; translation theory and practice; text and context in translation; translation: state of the art, punctuation and translation; translation and literature; translation and language teaching; assessing student performance in translation; translation and pragmatics of discourse; translation and synonymy; translation and scientific texts; and translation and legal texts.
As the sisters describe Hearth - as they chose to name their collection - they essentially describe their individual relationships with each other as sisters, and find the common ground that drives them forth as one: "It begins at home, that creative hearth - where siblings at play nurture a kinship whose roots blossom into design; from a place and time where initial steps learnt together, in likeness, or difference, eventually are taken in tandem; every element of the process is an intimate expression of a continuing and faceted conversation." And the synonymy of [their] sisterhood with this passion project of theirs is what I believe is responsible for evoking this indescribable natural charm of bespoke beauty and detailed depth, making it truly one-of-a-kind.
These results implied that the synonymy hints were more helpful to the students than Chinese hints, in terms of the test scores.
Moreover, synonymy can give clues to understand the meaning of an expression or to link two expressions.
Botanical binomials were not checked for synonymy, resulting in some species being referred to under more than one name.