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 (sĭ-nŏp′tĭk) also syn·op·ti·cal (-tĭ-kəl)
1. Of or constituting a synopsis; presenting a summary of the principal parts or a general view of the whole.
a. Taking the same point of view.
b. often Synoptic Relating to or being the first three gospels of the New Testament, which share content, style, and order of events and which differ largely from John.
3. Meteorology Of or relating to data obtained nearly simultaneously over a large area of the atmosphere.

[Greek sunoptikos, from sunopsis, general view; see synopsis.]

syn·op′ti·cal·ly adv.
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1. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) of or relating to a synopsis
2. (Bible) (often capital) Bible
a. (of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke) presenting the narrative of Christ's life, ministry, etc from a point of view held in common by all three, and with close similarities in content, order, etc
b. of, relating to, or characterizing these three Gospels
3. (Physical Geography) meteorol showing or concerned with the distribution of meteorological conditions over a wide area at a given time: a synoptic chart.
(Bible) (often capital) Bible
a. any of the three synoptic Gospels
b. any of the authors of these three Gospels
[C18: from Greek sunoptikos, from synopsis]
synˈoptically adv
synˈoptist n
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(sɪˈnɒp tɪk)

also syn•op′ti•cal,

1. pertaining to or constituting a synopsis; affording or taking a general view of the principal parts of a subject.
2. (often cap.) taking a common view: used chiefly in reference to the first three Gospels.
[1755–65; < Greek synoptikós, derivative of sýnopt(os) visible; compare synopsis]
syn•op′ti•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.synoptic - presenting a summary or general view of a whole; "a synoptic presentation of a physical theory"
2.synoptic - presenting or taking the same point of view; used especially with regard to the first three gospels of the New Testament; "synoptic sayings"
same - closely similar or comparable in kind or quality or quantity or degree; "curtains the same color as the walls"; "two girls of the same age"; "mother and son have the same blue eyes"; "animals of the same species"; "the same rules as before"; "two boxes having the same dimensions"; "the same day next year"
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[sɪˈnɒptɪk] ADJsinóptico
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adjzusammenfassend; synoptic viewÜberblick m, → Übersicht f; Synoptic Gospelsdie Evangelien des Markus, Matthäus und Lukas; synoptic chart (Met) → synoptische Karte
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Seeing this synoptically likely involves conceptually identifying what to look for, establishing a targeted focus, and mentally blocking everything else out.
I should like to synoptically position the decisive effect of Alkazi in almost single-handedly shaping a modernistic-realistic lexicon for Indian theatre.
All this psychological devastation has been synoptically modeled and labeled "the etiological model of perpetual psycho-cultural devastation" (Azibo, 2016b, 54-60).
These are 'analysis' (which had come to completely dominate, and which he did not bother to describe any further), 'synopsis' (whereby the inconsistencies between various normally separate domains of experience are confronted--'synopsis' means 'view together') and uniquely to speculative philosophers, 'synthesis', which aims to 'supply a set of concepts and principles which shall cover satisfactorily all the various regions of fact which are being viewed synoptically.' (7) It is important to note that speculative philosophers must use all three methods, analytic philosophers only the first two, with a greatly reduced role accorded to synopsis.
This platform should allow us to better understand risk, synoptically and locally, and make timely and informed decisions.
By focusing in this way on details of specific performances rather than synoptically emphasizing elements of manifest plots, we are able to hear something of what a |Xam audience may have heard--even allowing for marked differences between an indigenous context and a Victorian home in Cape Town.
Alijani and Zahehi analyzed Azerbaijan precipitation to statistically and synoptically determine the types of air masses affecting this area.
Recently, hyperspectral remote sensing technologies have emerged as a powerful tool to synoptically detect, monitor, and predict vegetation stress [19-22].
We synoptically introduce the principle of this technique as follows.
The warning cry that inspired this article alludes to the notion of the 'white man's burden', which was synoptically addressed in the famous poem of the same name (Kipling 1899).
[5] discussed the state of the art understanding of alcohols combustion chemistry, synoptically pointing out many improvement margins and open questions.