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n. sinovectomía, extirpación de una membrana sinovial.
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Those 38 cases included chondroplasty, lysis of adhesions or manipulation, cyst removal, meniscal allograft transplantation, meniscus repair, lateral release, synovectomy, subchondroplasty, biopsy, and removal of loose body.
For exact diagnosis and treatment, open synovectomy of the left elbow was performed.
A case of pachydermoperiostosis treated by oral administration of a bisphosphonate and arthroscopic synovectomy.
Surgical synovectomy decreases density of sensory nerve fibers in synovial tissue of non-inflamed controls and rheumatoid arthritis patients.
1 Ytrium citrate (90-Y) to the isotopic synovectomy - 222 MBq approved on Saturday;
14) Through local application of radioactive agents an attempt is made to influence the synovial process favourably as an alternative to surgical synovectomy.
On the third day, arthroscopic synovectomy and irrigation of the right knee was performed, and the procedure was repeated.
RA-FLS were isolated from the synovium of 10 RA patients undergoing synovectomy or joint replacement surgery.
He underwent arthroscopic surgery with partial synovectomy.
An open synovectomy was performed in May 2004 through a lateral approach to both the anterior and posterior aspects of the hip.
We also foresee the potential medical application and commercial growth of this technology in other areas, including radiation synovectomy of arthritis joints.
Some studies have shown that a partial synovectomy with removal of all loose bodies cannot prevent a late recurrence.