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 (sĭn-tăk′tĭk) or syn·tac·ti·cal (-tĭ-kəl)
Of, relating to, or conforming to the rules of syntax.

[Greek suntaktikos, putting together, from suntaktos, constructed, from suntassein, to construct; see syntax.]

syn·tac′ti·cal·ly adv.


1. (Logic) Also: syntactical relating to or determined by syntax
2. (Logic) logic linguistics describable wholly with respect to the grammatical structure of an expression or the rules of well-formedness of a formal system
3. (Linguistics) logic linguistics describable wholly with respect to the grammatical structure of an expression or the rules of well-formedness of a formal system
synˈtactically adv


(sɪnˈtæk tɪk)

also syn•tac′ti•cal,

of or pertaining to syntax.
[1570–80; < New Latin syntacticus < Greek syntaktikós=syntakt(ós) ordered, v. adj. of syntássein to arrange together (syn- syn- + tássein to arrange) + -ikos -ic; compare tactic]
syn•tac′ti•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.syntactic - of or relating to or conforming to the rules of syntax; "the syntactic rules of a language"


[sɪnˈtæktɪk] syntactical [sɪnˈtæktɪkəl] ADJsintáctico


[sɪnˈtæktɪk] adjsyntaxique




[sɪnˈtæktɪk] syntactical [sɪnˈtæktɪk(l)] adjsintattico/a
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Syntactic foam plug assists deliver greater performance benefits than solid polymer plug assists for thermoforming of transparent polypropylene (PP) parts, according to the findings of a study published by supplier of plug-assist materials for the thermoforming industry, CMT Materials.
Linguistic technologies include: bilingual dictionaries, transfer rules, statistical parsing, word sense disambiguation, morphological and syntactic analysis.
Syntactic foam is a special kind of gas-filled polymeric materials in which microballoons or foamed microspheres are embedded uniformly in a polymer matrix designated as a binder [1].
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This first lightweight syntactic foam also holds promise for automotive fuel economy because of its heat resistance.
The number of induced syntactic relations is taken into account by introducing a threshold of considered relations.
In this article, I argue for a decomposition of the Path head in the syntactic structure for directional expressions.
She does this by emphasizing the need to delve into multicultural views of how genre is perceived globally, through the primary function of semantic and syntactic foundations.
For those who produce polymer products that need very high strength due to the adverse conditions that they are used in, as well as manufacturers of raw materials used in these products, this volume outlines the properties, manufacture, and uses of syntactic foams.
There is a very good fit between the two companies, as BMTI syntactic foams perfectly complement the existing DIAB Divinycell range," says Johan Gralen, DIAB's executive vice president of sales.
This study examines the semantic, syntactic and grapho-phonic systems used during oral reading by an Australian sample of young readers.