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 (sĭn-tăk′tĭk) or syn·tac·ti·cal (-tĭ-kəl)
Of, relating to, or conforming to the rules of syntax.

[Greek suntaktikos, putting together, from suntaktos, constructed, from suntassein, to construct; see syntax.]

syn·tac′ti·cal·ly adv.


1. (Logic) Also: syntactical relating to or determined by syntax
2. (Logic) logic linguistics describable wholly with respect to the grammatical structure of an expression or the rules of well-formedness of a formal system
3. (Linguistics) logic linguistics describable wholly with respect to the grammatical structure of an expression or the rules of well-formedness of a formal system
synˈtactically adv


(sɪnˈtæk tɪk)

also syn•tac′ti•cal,

of or pertaining to syntax.
[1570–80; < New Latin syntacticus < Greek syntaktikós=syntakt(ós) ordered, v. adj. of syntássein to arrange together (syn- syn- + tássein to arrange) + -ikos -ic; compare tactic]
syn•tac′ti•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.syntactic - of or relating to or conforming to the rules of syntax; "the syntactic rules of a language"


[sɪnˈtæktɪk] syntactical [sɪnˈtæktɪkəl] ADJsintáctico


[sɪnˈtæktɪk] adjsyntaxique




[sɪnˈtæktɪk] syntactical [sɪnˈtæktɪk(l)] adjsintattico/a
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They consider what syntactic labels do, within the syntax and morphology, and for semantics and phonology; the content of a label and whether it is drawn from one or both parts of a complex object; how generally predictable labels are; whether they are components of a structure or determined by a labeling procedure or outsourced from the syntax; whether lexical roots have morpho-syntactic features that serve as their labels or whether their syntactic/morphological categories are provided by formal elements with which they combine; and how labeling might be involved in more diverse syntactic phenomena like agreement, case, and movement.
Clarence Sloat, Ora Matushansky, and Delia Graff Fara advocate a Syntactic Rationale on behalf of predicativism, the view that names are predicates in all of their occurrences.
Verbal Agreement with Collective Nominal Constructions: Syntactic and Semantic Determinants
Trelleborg manufactures a range of syntactic foams used for buoyancy on ROVs and unmanned submersibles.
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The results of the study showed that out of 35 errors, 2i were semantic, i2 were morphological and 2 were syntactic in nature.
Syntactic foam plug assists deliver greater performance benefits than solid polymer plug assists for thermoforming of transparent polypropylene (PP) parts, according to the findings of a study published by supplier of plug-assist materials for the thermoforming industry, CMT Materials.
Although syntactic foams have been around for many years, Deep Springs Technology (DST) and New York Univ.
Syntactic foam is a special kind of gas-filled polymeric materials in which microballoons or foamed microspheres are embedded uniformly in a polymer matrix designated as a binder [1].
The two classes of suffixes differ syntactically in their place and manner of attachment in a syntactic tree.
This first lightweight syntactic foam also holds promise for automotive fuel economy because of its heat resistance.