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 (sĭn-tăg′mə) also syn·tagm (sĭn′tăm)
n. pl. syn·tag·mas or syn·tag·ma·ta (-tăg′mə-tə) also syn·tagms
1. A sequence of linguistic units in a syntagmatic relationship to one another.
2. A sequence of words in a particular syntactic relationship to one another; a construction.

[New Latin, from French syntagme, from Greek suntagma, suntagmat-, arrangement, syntactic unit, from suntassein, suntag-, to put in order; see syntax.]
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Noun1.syntagm - a syntactic string of words that forms a part of some larger syntactic unit
grammatical constituent, constituent - (grammar) a word or phrase or clause forming part of a larger grammatical construction
linguistic string, string of words, word string - a linear sequence of words as spoken or written


[ˈsɪntæm] N (syntagms (pl)) syntagma [sɪnˈtægmə] N (syntagmata (pl)) [sɪnˈtægmətə]sintagma m
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A marble sarcophagus agape like deaths toothless gums is certainly an image to "make night hideous"; the syntagm has become an emblem of Arany's idiosyncratic transubstantiation of Shakespeare's imagery.
The phenomenon of initial /- phrase in (1) is thought to have originated in a structure in which the l- syntagm is post-verbal (2).
According to this biaxial scheme, the vertical is the axis of order, paradigm, symbolic function, disutility, unimpeded sightlines and disembodied omniscience, whereas to the horizontal belong disorder, syntagm, enunciative function, utility, partial sight lines and exposure to visibility.
However, the translation of the syntagm [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] as confused disorganisation is mine.
The term "postmodernism" is used for the first time in 1870, in an artistic context, when the English painter John Watkins Chapman employs the syntagm "postmodernist painting" to name the European plastic phenomenon that followed the impressionist painting.
The former occur between words appearing simultaneously in the same syntagm.
Knox actually begins with the word "God" and continues on in timeless, lush, accurately gorgeous English--as if God's word were one amazingly poetic syntagm.
Taught by the unending military conflicts, tragedies and crises, the representatives of the most developed countries in the world (1), had long launched the syntagm of creating a "new world order," with the aim of aligning processes on a wider, global scale and avoiding wars.
Specifically, we observe that from click/clic, through the passage of the syntagm fare click, we get the adjective/noun superlative absolute cliccatissimo (-a,-i,-e) used to denote either a site that is the most visited ora person who has the most hits.
In Agamben's works, the syntagm "naked life" appears for the first time in the conclusion of his 1982 book Language and Death (106) in an analysis of sacrality and sacrifice, but is first inserted in a political discourse in the 1990 Coming Community (64, 86).
This included middle manifests itself at the level of creativity and expressiveness by means of which it opens up society towards superior levels of the self and of the ethos--levels rendered metaphorically by Andrei Plesu by the syntagm "heavenly hierarchies".