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n. siringocele.
1. conducto central de la médula espinal;
2. meningomielocele que contiene una cavidad en la médula espinal ectópica.
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When anterior urethral pathologies are examined, congenital urethral polyp in the anterior urethra, fossa navicularis pathologies (stenosis, Guerin's sinus), anterior urethral valve, syringocele (dilatation of Cowper's gland ducts), congenital bulbous urethral stricture, condyloma accuminatum, and especially botryoid sarcoma polyps should be taken into the consideration in the differential diagnosis (5,6,7,8).
One differential diagnosis was a syringocele, which was suspected based on the MRI and intraoperative findings.
Cystic dilatation of these ducts is uncommon and is called "Cowper's syringocele" [3].
Traditionally, Cowper's syringocele has been known as a condition affecting pediatric population; however, it is rarely diagnosed in adults [4].
Ultrasound and cystoscopy confirmed the recurrence of the imperforate Cowper's syringocele.
Subsequently a transurethral unroofing of the syringocele using loop cautery was performed, creating a wide communication between the urethra and the syringocele (Figure 3).
The genesis of Cowper's syringocele is not well understood.
The true prevalence of Cowper's syringocele is not known; however, 32 adult cases have been reported in the literature as of 2012 [9].
Transurethral unroofing or marsupialization with loop cautery by opening the syringocele was successful in our symptomatic patient.
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This anomaly may be accompanied by various pathological conditions including hypospadias epispadias anterior urethral valve lacuna manga prostatic urethral polyps megalo-urethra syringocele (dilated Cowper gland) and congenital urethral fistula.5