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SYST helps young and unemployed people in the local area find the opportunity to utilise their talents and potential so they can run profitable and viable businesses.
Another 2018 Cochrane Library Review concluded that "no firm conclusions regarding the efficacy and safety of enteral nutrition in quiescent CD can be drawn" (Cochrane Database Syst Rev.
26 October 2017 - France-based 3D design and engineering software company Dassault Syst?[umlaut]mes (PAR: DSY) (Euronext Paris: 13065) has agreed to acquire its partner Texas, US-based architecture modeling software firm No Magic, Inc.
Coker: An introduction to intuitionistic fuzzy metric spaces, Fuzzy Sets Syst., 88(1997), 81-89.
After many years of conflicting reports for the neutron-neutron [.sup.1][S.sub.0] scattering length [a.sub.nn], by the late 1990s the results appeared to have converged to consistent numbers: [a.sub.nn] = -18.55 [+ or -] 0.05 (stat) [+ or -] 0.3 (syst) fm [1] from the [.sup.2]H([[pi].sup.-], [gamma]n)n reaction, and [a.sub.nn] = -18.7 [+ or -] 0.3 (stat) [+ or -] 0.6 (syst) fm [2] from the [.sup.2]H(n, nn)p reaction.
``The new rules are fine,but not the scoring syst em.
52-59; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,; Cochrane Database Syst. Rev., 2000, No.
The French software publisher Dassault Syst?mes has announced that it has been selected alongside IBM by the American Lockheed Martin group in the context of a programme for the development of a new generation of military fighter jet.
When asked to characterize the difference between launching a new model under the old syst em and the new, Mader simply says, "Night and day."
Visiting Israel repeatedly over the course of several years, the artist syst ematically photographed young women on their first day in the army and young men immediately after a military shooting exercise in the mountains.