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 (sĭ-stôl′tĭk, -stăl′-)
Alternately contracting and dilating, as the heart; pulsating.

[Late Latin systalticus, from Greek sustaltikos, from sustellein, to contract : sun-, syn- + stellein, to send; see stel- in Indo-European roots.]


(Physiology) (esp of the action of the heart) of, relating to, or characterized by alternate contractions and dilations; pulsating
[C17: from Late Latin systalticus, from Greek sustaltikos, from sustellein to contract, from syn- + stellein to place]


(sɪˈstɔl tɪk, -ˈstæl-)

rhythmically contracting, as the heart.
[1670–80; < Late Latin systalticus < Greek systaltikós, derivative of systéllein to contract; see systole]


a. sistáltico-a, que alterna contracciones y dilataciones.
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When Brakhage follows suit it is with intense resistance and in pain, in large part because he so fiercely willed "by Brakhage" to mean "'by way of Stan and Jane and the children Brakhage' because all the discoveries which used to pass only thru the instrument of myself are coming to pass thru the sensibilities of those I love." (9) So to acknowledge his creative solitude was to confess "Duplicities"; it may even be to recognize in the alternation of "sincerities" and "duplicities" the systaltic rhythm that founds "the music of myself," and motivates the assembling of ev er larger and more complex series of films.
Each of the casings houses a blood-pressure console with LED systaltic and diastolic readouts and blood-pressure gauge, a bench, a standing scale with video readout (not included in the small model) and a 3-foot tall communications board.