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Noun1.system call - an instruction that interrupts the program being executed and passes control to the supervisor
call - an instruction that interrupts the program being executed; "Pascal performs calls by simply giving the name of the routine to be executed"
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The application's behaviors are achieved through the invocation of system calls. System calls of the application are arranged in chronological order, forming one system call sequence.
System call interfaces are the APIs through which the operating system kernel provides low-level operations (such as memory allocation, file access, and network transfers) to the user space applications.
John Mitchell, Director of Marketing, eXI Wireless Systems, Inc.: "We offer an expandable system called RoamAlert [Plus] ECO, which can be as simple as individual door alarms and as sophisticated as a computer-based system with its own server and workstations located at nurses' stations and in the security office.
The disadvantage of the user library approach is its lack of compatibility with the usual system call interface to the host OS file systems, requiring applications to be modified to take advantage of these capabilities.
When the application issues a system call (1), it can go directly to the kernel or, if it is file-related, get intercepted by the Catcher (2).
Thus, we must add a synchronization mark: We insert an action sig after wait and insert a co-action [bar.[sig.sub.i]] after system call exit (i is a positive integer, the identification number).
by ONAThe National Fuel Subsidy System called all registrants who received text messages related to data confirmation to update their data to ensure that they continue to benefit of the subsidy.
He said, 'Since 20 September 2010 to date, National Bank of Malawi plc has been operating on a core banking system called T24 version 09 which we acquired from a company called Temenos.
The airline has added the Pashto language to its inflight entertainment system called ice
A new drought tracking system called ESI helps by monitoring the evaporation of water from land surfaces.