systems analyst

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sys·tems analysis

The study of a procedure to determine the most efficient method of executing it to obtain a desired end, especially by means of computers.

systems analyst n.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: analyst - a person skilled at systems analysis
analyst - someone who is skilled at analyzing data
systémový analytik
analitičar sustava
시스템 분석가
phân tích viên hệ thống

systems analyst

nanalista m/f di sistemi

systems analyst

مُحَلِّلٌ نُظُم systémový analytik systemanalytiker Systemanalytiker αναλυτής συστημάτων analista de sistemas systeemianalyytikko analyste-programmeur analitičar sustava analista di sistema システムアナリスト 시스템 분석가 systeemanalist systemanalytiker analityk systemów analista de sistemas системный аналитик systemanalytiker นักวิเคราะห์ระบบ sistem analizcisi phân tích viên hệ thống 系统分析员
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A SOLID grounding in all things relating to computers could lead to a rewarding career as a systems analyst.
To be systems analyst you Sue Kelbrick on a career suited to those who have a deep understanding of computers should have a broad knowledge of hardware, software and programming, a creative approach to problem-solving, the ability to gather and interpret information, excellent communication and presentation skills and the ability to explain technical ideas clearly.
The ERP organization was moved from IT to Budget and Business Improvement, and the business systems analyst role became more tightly integrated with the finance officer role.
If you are familiar with information technology and have a flair for problem-solving, a career as a systems analyst may appeal.
House Of The Jaguar by mythologist, systems analyst, internet marketer, and iconoclast C.
Steven's love of IT and his interest in business led him to purse a career as a systems analyst.
In this research note we illustrate how the role of a systems analyst needs to incorporate an appreciation of the impact of legislation and regulation upon IT project work.
Her science and computer background helped her find work as a systems analyst for Dupont, GE, Ethyl, and Norfolk Southern Railroad after graduation.
Marjorie MacDonald, an information systems professional (ISP) is a senior systems analyst for Algonquin Automotive/Hidden Hitch in Huntsville, Ont.
Milford, NH, has named Les Snaith manager of quality assurance, Steve Hoyt management representative for QS 9000, Chris Kovach manager of process control engineering, Laura Starr-Houghton quality systems analyst and Lloyd Barss manager of customer support teams.
Our review located existing research that identified an assortment of skills necessary for success as a systems analyst (Blank and Barratt, 1988; Green, 1989; Meissner, 1986).

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