systems engineer

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sys′tems engineer`

an engineer who specializes in the design and implementation of production systems.
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In many cases, program systems engineers provide essential technical support for several activities or tasks, but do not lead or have decision authority for those activities or tasks.
I would contend you simply cannot be a great systems engineer without understanding life-cycle logistics.
At a program level, during the deconstruction design phase it is necessary for the systems engineers to work closely with cost estimators to understand the detailed implications of certain design elements on the cost of the program.
The ideal systems engineer is able to think in terms of a specific process and understand the entire system ("the big picture"), understand how changes in one area could impact other areas, and teach others quality process improvement skills.
Thus, the systems engineer must also propose and investigate candidate solutions to the overall operational need, using processes to select the solution preferred in a holistic assessment of the situation.
Finally, there is a contrast between the perspective of a systems engineer and a design or project engineer.
As the detailed design is finalized for implementation, the systems engineer and component design specialists identify and resolve technical issues and select workable, producible solutions that will not jeopardize the overall system design, capabilities, performance, or suitability (Kossiakoff & Sweet, 2003).
One client who believes that Giles and his staff have the stuff to grow in the industry is Delta Technology (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Airlines) Advisory Systems engineer James Chester.
To eliminate as much technology as possible and to resist the temptation to integrate all the technological support features seems to be a golden rule for the honest systems engineer.
Schaeffer is currently vice president and chief systems engineer with ManTech International, a provider of advanced engineering and technological services to the U.S.
No matter how skilled a systems engineer is, ultimately he or she must work collaboratively with all stakeholders and players to successfully realize the products.
I inherited this project as lead systems engineer well after the original completion date and well after the system was designed.

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