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n. pl. tabes
1. Progressive bodily wasting or emaciation.
2. Tabes dorsalis.

[Latin tābēs.]

ta·bet′ic (tə-bĕt′ĭk) adj.
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a. tabético-a, rel. a tabes o que padece de éste.
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Alternative Econometric Models This tabic reports difference-in-difference (DID) regression estimates for the effects of TARP on loan contract terms using alternative econometric models: bank, year, and SIC fixed effects in Panel A, bank and year fixed effects in Panel B, borrower state, year, and SIC fixed effects in Panel C, state, year, and SIC fixed effects with errors clustered at the borrower level in Panel D, models with errors clustered at the borrower level in Panel E, models with errors clustered at the borrower-bank level in Panel F.
10, 2017),; David Mever, Cryptocurrency ETFs Are Off the Tabic for Now, the SEC Says, FORTUNE (Jan.
'Tabic Record has signed them and we have made all arrangement not only to internationalise the duo, but also to make sure that we further their education, at least first degree along their music career.
Table 1 T test results for response bias Early response Late response t value sub-sample: mean sub-sample: mean (sd) (sd) Subsidiary age 21.23 (17.45) 24.24 (22.39) -1.08 (years) Subsidiary size 215.03 (587.40) 300.78 (756.62) -0.91 (number of employees) Subsidiary assets 138.16 (927.65) 207.57 (877.77) -0.45 (A$, million) Subsidiary sales 105.87 (248.80) 166.30 (391.46) -1.35 (A$, million) sd standard deviation Tabic 2 Two-stage least squares (2SLS) regression with CPA resourcing as the instrument variable: First-stage regression and tests of endogeneity Model 1a Model 1b Model 1c Instrumented Mimetic Relational Financial predictor isomorphism strategy incentive variable (CPA) strategy strategy First-stage resulls regression Unstandardized 0.13 0.48 0.52 coefficient Std.
Level II Broadleaf declined slightly from 19.3% in 1949, Coniferous forest increased just slightly from 1.3% in 1949, and Mixed forest increased from 1.8% to 9.0% of the buffer area (Tabic 2; Figure 3).
(5) Median household income for Hispanics in California is obtained from Tabic B19113I Median family income in the past 12 months: Hispanic or Latino householder 2013 American Community Survey I-year estimates (U.S.
Tabic 1 provides the descriptive statistics and correlations for the study variables.
The second panel of Tabic 2 reports summary statistics for vessel characteristics.
His plan to 'borrow' cutlery, crockery and tabic cloths from Dorothy only to sell them to his uncle Patrick led to both laughter and anger during dinners to which Dorothy had invited me.
Tabic 1.--Learning objectives for the immersive learning activity.