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 (tä′blə, tŭb′lə)
1. A small hand drum of northern India.
2. A pair of drums, differing in size and tone, played together.

[Hindi tablā, from Arabic ṭabla, from Aramaic ṭabl, drum, perhaps of Persian origin; akin to Middle Persian tumbag, drum.]
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(ˈtʌblə; ˈtɑːblɑː)
(Instruments) a musical instrument of India consisting of a pair of drums whose pitches can be varied
[Hindu, from Arabic tabla drum]
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(ˈtɑ blə, ˈtʌb lə)

n., pl. -blas.
a small hand drum of India tuned to different pitches.
[1860–65; < Hindi tablā < Arabic ṭabla drum]
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Since he was interested in tabla rhythms, his father also bought him a tabla.
He said he had learnt the basics of crafting rabab, tabla, dholak, daf, zerbaghli, harmonium and guitar from his late father, Ustad Rahim Murtaza.
Being a subsidiary of an art group, 'Theater Walay', Ustad Raza Ali Khan School of music was also conducting classes for various musical instruments including guitar, harmonium, violin, sitar and tabla also underway.
Guitars, vocals and tabla rhythms will all be on display when a musical trio take to the stage.
CAIRO - 30 June 2019: Acclaimed Egyptian tabla (drum) player Said el-Artist performed his firstconcert in Paris'sHall de la Chansonon June 29 and will perform another concert on June 30.
Chief organiser of Punjab Music Group and a 'tabla' maestro Nazakat Ali Khan left Doha on April 13 to perform at different locations in Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines.
Anuradha Pal, India's first female professional tabla and percussion virtuoso, presented an instrumental music ensemble (jugalbandi) along with her talented team of musicians at the Ashoka Hall of Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) on Saturday.
The music instructors, one of the finest Rubab players, Bilal Khan along with Sajawal Khan Tabla Player will mesmerize the audience with their melodius tunes blended with the techniques of educating music.
ISLAMABAD: Theatre Wallay is all set to bring "Morning Ragas" - musical morning for fun lovers of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad to get a taste of classical instrumental musical in sunny morning by Wajih Nizami on the Sitar and Irfan Khan on the Tabla here on February 24.
PESHAWAR -- Noted Tabla player, Waliddad ustad died at the age of 69, on Tuesday due to multiple health complications.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Oct 16 (ANI): Google on Tuesday honoured noted tabla maestro Lachhu Maharaj on his 74th birth anniversary by dedicating a doodle to the musician.