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 (tăb′lə-cho͝or′, -chər)
1. An engraved tablet or surface.
2. Music A system of notation using letters, symbols, or other visual cues instead of standard notation to indicate how a musical piece is to be played. For example, guitar or banjo tablature typically consists of a diagram of the strings with finger positions indicated by numerals corresponding to the appropriate frets.

[French, alteration (influenced by Latin tabula, table) of Italian intavolatura, from intavolare, to put on a board : in-, in + tavola, table, board (from Latin tabula).]
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1. (Music, other) music any of a number of forms of musical notation, esp for playing the lute, consisting of letters and signs indicating rhythm and fingering
2. (Art Terms) an engraved or painted tablet or other flat surface
[C16: from French, ultimately from Latin tabulātum wooden floor, from tabula a plank]
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(ˈtæb lə tʃər, -ˌtʃʊər)

any of various systems of music notation using letters, numbers, or other signs to indicate the strings, frets, keys, etc., to be played.
[1565–75; < Middle French, perhaps alter. of Italian intavolatura, derivative of intavolare to put on a board, score]
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 murals or ceiling paintings, collectively.
Example: a tablature of splendid hues and imposing forms, 1819.
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Noun1.tablature - a musical notation indicating the fingering to be used
musical notation - (music) notation used by musicians
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The basso continuo arrived late and caught on slowly in England, where the flourishing lute school relied on tablature rather than staff notation for both solos and accompaniments.
Partch developed a beautiful and highly elaborate set of tablature notations for his instruments, different for each one, bearing information for the player about which block to hit or which string to pluck, but not immediately indicating the pitch that would result.
It is obvious that the identity of a mode on an instrument whose tuning level depends largely on physical conditions and whose music is notated in tablature will not be immediately apparent.
In these discussions it is also readily apparent that the author's experience as a lutenist enables him to write in detail about changes in technique and musical style, and one is especially grateful for the reproduction of so many music examples with fair copies of their original tablature as well as modern transcriptions.
As with the motets, Daza underlays his tablature with the texts of these works - all but the two well known French chansons Vostre rigeur by Crecquillon and Je prens en gre by Clemens non Papa - so that they could be performed as accompanied songs.
Finally, Werckmeister wishes to confirm the subordinate position of linear staff notation in relation to its superior counterpart, German organ tablature. He spends several chapters denigrating the linear staff system, pointing to the inconvenience of having to read all the different clefs and the confusing process of adding sharps and flats to pitches, which to him suggests unnecessary chromatic semitones.
He discusses Thompson's early life; his years with the Hollow Rock String Band and other musical partners in the Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina, old-time music scene; his place in the evolving old-time music community in Chapel Hill, his curiosity with Appalachian source musicians and partnership with Cece Conway in her efforts to research and record African American banjo players in North Carolina's Piedmont region, his writing and banjo tablature work, and his involvement as a collaborator in field recording efforts by others documenting old-time music; his time as a graduate student in philosophy at the U.
It is also important to note that this genre is best learned by-ear, as the only means of transmitting rock music is through a recording or tablature (TAB) on the internet.
An extra "Exclusive Key Tablature for Accelerated Learning," contains piano chord charts similar to guitar tablature that would show a non-reader "where to put my hands," but not be particularly helpful for a music reader.
Also this fall is the new Ukulele Beginning (#1627) class to explore chords, strumming patterns and tablature to ultimately play your own music.
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Tablature for basic DADGAD chords is provided in enlarged diagrams on page 34.