tableau vivant

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tableau vi·vant

n. pl. tab·leaux vi·vants (tă-blō′ vē-väN′)
A scene presented on stage by actors who remain silent and motionless as if in a picture.

[French : tableau, picture + vivant, living.]

tableau vivant

(tablo vivɑ̃)
n, pl tableaux vivants (tablo vivɑ̃)
(Theatre) a representation of a scene, painting, sculpture, etc, by a person or group posed silent and motionless
[C19: literally: living picture]


(tæˈbloʊ, ˈtæb loʊ)

n., pl. tab•leaux (tæˈbloʊz, ˈtæb loʊz)
1. a picture, as of a scene.
2. a picturesque grouping of people or objects.
3. a representation of a picture, scene, etc., by one or more persons suitably costumed and posed.
[1690–1700; < French: board, picture]

tableau vivant

A French phrase meaning living picture, used to mean a silent and motionless group of people posed to portray a famous scene or event.
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Noun1.tableau vivant - a group of people attractively arranged (as if in a painting)
arrangement - an orderly grouping (of things or persons) considered as a unit; the result of arranging; "a flower arrangement"
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Mourning, 2008, in particular, a tableau vivant depicting three black mourners on a raised platform in a film studio, struck a grace note that resonated through the exhibition.
Le visiteur se trouve ainsi porte de tableau vivant en tableau vivant, contemplatif et captive devant les juxtapositions inusitees des musiciens dans ce sublime decor aux allegories manifestes (2).
Neovoxer was an experimental, non-dialogue feature film and event that included live performance of its musical score and sound effects, site-specific installation and tableau vivant.
The mayor's wife joins this tableau vivant of allegedly "free" women with no voice and no vision of their own gazing in disbelief, stupefaction, incomprehension, and grudging admiration at Tahirih, their prisoner, who shocked her countrymen with her "naked face" and fearless words.
in tableau vivant and vivid description) to urge the theatergoers to imagine themselves in the same difficult situation as David in order to come to a direct and emotional understanding of the Biblical story.
Compose de vingt-trois membres, le groupe palestinien a dresse, en quarante-cinq minutes, un tableau vivant et realiste d'un peuple en lutte pour sa liberte.
During this exercise, "the raw material" should be shaped into a unique tableau vivant that reflects the views of "the performance artist" (105-10).
There is also an inherent politicality to this performative form and Morris is particularly attuned to this dimension, informing the reader that with "its roots in English and French state-censorship of spoken language in theatre, the voiceless form of tableau vivant .
The Courier reported in March, 1845: "The shorn and crested heads of this picturesque group, their lively games, extraordinary dances, archery and other sports with the erection of their wigwams give further vraisemblance (appearance of truth) to the scene, a form of tableau vivant strikingly illustrative of Indian life in the wilds.
He also introduces elements of physical theatre, the ballet and even tableau vivant to scenes where the actors waltz, walk around, or even sit quietly reading.
On passe ainsi d'une logique verbale a une logique iconique et reciproquement, le recit donne toute sa force a un tableau vivant non represente sur scene.