The area beside or around a table, especially in a restaurant.
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Chicken or Steak Diane was that show-stopping dish served tableside in the fancy restaurants of my childhood.
A chef flambes dishes on a tableside stove and waiters carve roasted joints from the trolley.
The pan-seared diver scallops in butter were plump and huge and broth is served tableside. Filipinos that we are, the dishes everyone ordered were passed around the table for everyone to try.
Offering hospitality customers a full range of ordering and interactive entertainment services, eMenu is directly linked and integrated with Bleep EPOS systems, allowing for manual tableside ordering.
The training will include everything from the preparation of the diverse menu, to tableside hospitality.
We're partial to the guacamole at Gabriel's in Santa Fe, custom-blended tableside in a traditional molcajete (stone mortar).
Among the tried-and-true signature favorites are Red Snapper Colony, The Colony Caviar Appetizer and the Traditional Caesar Salad and Bananas Foster dessert, both prepared tableside. For reservations call (941) 383-5558...
But these sessions are for business executives to enjoy drinks, canapes and tableside dancing.
Peking duck is also on the menu, first seasoned withPu's special blend of Chinese spices, then cured for two days before being dried and roasted and, on the third day, sliced and presented tableside for each guest.
Hosted annually by the Chame des Rotisseurs, the world's oldest and largest food and wine society, the annual competition tests soms on blind tasting ability, tableside wine service skills, and several areas of wine knowledge.
Poker chips are disgusting enough, touching hundreds of hands between cleanings that may or may not happen with any consistency, that they really don't need any sticky sauce from your lo mein dish or a spattering of ketchup from that tableside burger.