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n. pl. ta·ble·spoon·fuls
The amount that a tablespoon can hold.
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(ˈteɪ bəl spunˌfʊl)

n., pl. -fuls.
1. the amount a tablespoon can hold.
2. a volumetric measure equal to ½ fluid ounce (14.8 ml), or three teaspoonfuls.
usage: See -ful.
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Noun1.tablespoonful - as much as a tablespoon will holdtablespoonful - as much as a tablespoon will hold  
containerful - the quantity that a container will hold
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مِقْدار مِلَعَقَة الطَّعام
polévková lžíce
servis kaşığı dolusu miktar


[ˈteɪblˌspuːnfʊl] Ncucharada f grande
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[ˈteɪbəlspuːnfʊl] ncuillerée f à soupe
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(ˈteibl) noun
1. a piece of furniture consisting of a flat, horizontal surface on legs used eg to put food on at meals, or for some games. Put all the plates on the table.
2. a statement of facts or figures arranged in columns etc. The results of the experiments can be seen in table 5.
3. the people sitting at a table. The whole table heard what he said.
ˈtablecloth noun
a cloth for covering a table, usually for a meal. an embroidered tablecloth.
table linen
tablecloths, napkins etc. They gave us table linen as a wedding present.
ˈtablespoon noun
1. a large spoon, used eg for serving food.
2. a tablespoonful. Add a tablespoon of sugar.
ˈtablespoonful noun
the amount that will fill a tablespoon. two tablespoonfuls of jam.
table tennis
a game played on a table with small bats and a light ball; ping pong.
lay/set the table
to put a tablecloth, plates, knives, forks etc on a table for a meal. The meal is ready – will you lay the table?
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n cucharada sopera or grande, cucharada, 15 ml
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References in classic literature ?
Some of the less important dailies give one a tablespoonful of a continued story every day; it is strung across the bottom of the page, in the French fashion.
He drew from his pocket a little phial and poured into a wine-glass which stood on a table by the side of the bed, half a dozen drops of some ruby-coloured liquid, to which he added a tablespoonful of water.
About a tablespoonful! I guessed what it was, and couldn't resist making sure; the minute I was satisfied, I changed the label and the position of the two decanters, little thinking I should stay to see the fun; but in another minute I could hardly keep my eyes open.
It has been inside the book ever since--and--and--this is what is such a marvel to me, the knife only went in a couple of inches at most, just under her left breast, and there wasn't more than half a tablespoonful of blood altogether, not more."
For each cookie, scoop out a large tablespoonful of the dough and shape into a ball.
To experiment, try toasting it and adding another flavor on top, such as mashed avocado or banana, cinnamon or nutmeg, or a tablespoonful of low-salt, sugar-free nut butter.
Thereafter, one tablespoonful palm oil, one tablespoonful ground dry fish (palamu), two medium sized onions and salt were added to taste.
An adult takes one tablespoonful daily, while children take a spoonful of it diluted with water.
A tablespoonful of grit is enough to treat a square metre.
Using two spoons, drop small mounds (about 1 heaping tablespoonful each) onto parchment.