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Quinine could now be obtained in tabloids; paper soap was a great help towards freshening up one's face in the train.
"You've not taken your quinine," she said, looking up and seeing the tabloids upon the mantelpiece.
James listened attentively to this tabloid tragedy, but made no comment.
This isn't the first time that Indian tabloids have run gossip about Mahira's love life.
The tabloids, however, have been pitting her against many other actors in Hollywood.
LOS ANGELES: British and US tabloids have been exchanging confirmations and denials that the reason behind the recent Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie divorce is a secret affair that the latter had with a rich Middle Eastern billionaire for the past six months.
Donald Trump's campaign has a symbiotic relationship with supermarket tabloids, which have been sliming his political foes with stories that are either flatly unbelievable or impossible for any other outlet to confirm.
However, the book contextualizes well the views of tabloid writers in relation to different historical moments such as the failed Reform Movement of 1898, Cixi's ending of the imperial examination system in 1905 that deeply affected lower officials, or how tabloids contributed subversively in creating a critical culture that made the acceptance of the 1911 revolution easier.
This version of Dyaryo Bistado carried mostly reprinted stories from other tabloids, mainly questioning the political motivation of Trillanes and Sen.
And Phi Kappa Phi forum garnered: two Awards of Excellence in Magazines, Journals & tabloids.
11 ( ANI ): Kris Jenner has opened up about how her family balances the tabloids and paparazzi, revealing that her daughter Khloe Kardashian is going through a very difficult time because of the recent divorce from her husband Lamar Odom.
Speaking for the Bulgarian Pressa (Press) daily, Pavlova said the above was a total lie, cooked by tabloids.