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also tab·ou·ret  (tăb′ə-rĕt′, -rā′)
1. A low stool.
2. A low table or cabinet, often on casters.
3. An embroidery frame.

[French tabouret, from Middle French, drum-shaped pin cushion, taboret, from diminutive of tabour, tabor, from Old French; see tabor.]
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A low stool or cabinet.
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Noun1.tabouret - a low stool in the shape of a drum
stool - a simple seat without a back or arms
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"You wouldn't give me another if I sat here all night imploring you." He sat close to her on a low tabouret, and as he spoke his fingers lightly touched the hair that fell a little over her forehead.
"Take a seat," I said, placing a tabouret; and I made her sit down.
Dai-yu had a barrel-shaped porcelain tabouret moved up to the verandah's edge, and having selected a fishing-rod for herself, sat leaning on the railing, fishing.
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