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tab 1

1. A projection, flap, or short strip attached to an object to facilitate opening, handling, or identification.
2. A small, usually decorative flap or tongue on a garment.
3. A small auxiliary airfoil that is attached to a larger one and that helps stabilize an aircraft.
4. A pull-tab.
tr.v. tabbed, tab·bing, tabs
To supply with a tab or tabs.

[Origin unknown.]

tab 2

1. Informal
a. A bill or check, such as one for a meal in a restaurant.
b. Cost; price: The tab for upgrading the computers would be high.
2. A tabulator on a typewriter.
3. Computers
a. A key on a computer keyboard that, when pressed, inserts a special ASCII character used for formatting text, as in indenting a line or block of text.
b. This special ASCII character.
intr.v. tabbed, tab·bing, tabs
To press the tab on a typewriter or computer keyboard: Tab over to the next column.
keep tabs on Informal
To observe carefully over time: Let's keep tabs on expenditures.

[Short for tablet or tabulation. Sense 2, short for tabulator.]

tab 3

 (tăb) Informal
A tabloid.
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Tableau curtains, originally used to disclose a tableau, now usually as house tabs for a front curtain.
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"The admiral is a gentleman, the house is noble, the tab le is excellent.
His name was written upon a tab within it--Maple White, Lake Avenue, Detroit, Michigan.
The tailor's tab is on the neck--'Neal, Outfitter, Vermissa, U.S.A.' I have spent an instructive afternoon in the rector's library, and have enlarged my knowledge by adding the fact that Vermissa is a flourishing little town at the head of one of the best known coal and iron valleys in the United States.
Download the toggle tab pattern from until Nov.
--$91 million senior RDA TABs series 1999 and senior SA TABs 2014 (senior TABs) at 'AA-';
To help achieve its mission, TABS offers cloud-based software analytics and applications solutions--including TABS Market Insights and TABS Total Insights--for consumer packaged goods manufacturers that integrate, harmonize and analyze sales and marketing data.
This update was pre-empted by the Chromium team in September last year when they announced changes on how Chrome handles background tabs. With the update now implemented, background tabs will be limited to 1 percent CPU load on average on a single core, reports Ars Technica.
As earlier reported, Samsung will release a bevy of tablets beginning in January 2014 and one of them could be the Galaxy Tab Pro that is touted as the Retina iPad Mini challenger.
TABS Group is data agnostic with respect to the analytics conducted, as it utilizes Nielsen, MI, SPINS, household panel data, shopper survey data, loyalty card and many other sources to provide its analytical solutions.