tabula rasa

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tab·u·la ra·sa

 (tăb′yə-lə rä′sə, -zə)
n. pl. tab·u·lae ra·sae (tăb′yə-lē′ rä′sē, -zē)
a. The mind before it receives the impressions gained from experience.
b. The unformed, featureless mind in the philosophy of John Locke.
2. A need or an opportunity to start from the beginning.

[Medieval Latin tabula rāsa : Latin tabula, tablet + Latin rāsa, feminine of rāsus, erased.]

tabula rasa

(ˈtæbjʊlə ˈrɑːsə)
n, pl tabulae rasae (ˈtæbjʊliː ˈrɑːsiː)
1. (Philosophy) (esp in the philosophy of Locke) the mind in its uninformed original state
2. an opportunity for a fresh start; clean slate
[Latin: a scraped tablet (one from which the writing has been erased)]

ta•bu•la ra•sa

(ˈtæb yə lə ˈrɑ sə, -zə)

n., pl. ta•bu•lae ra•sae (ˈtæb yəˌli ˈrɑ si, -zi)
1. a mind not yet affected by experiences, impressions, etc.
2. anything existing undisturbed in its original pure state.
[1525–35; < Latin: scraped tablet, clean slate]
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Noun1.tabula rasa - a young mind not yet affected by experience (according to John Locke)
mind, psyche, nous, brain, head - that which is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings; the seat of the faculty of reason; "his mind wandered"; "I couldn't get his words out of my head"
2.tabula rasa - an opportunity to start over without prejudice
chance, opportunity - a possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances; "the holiday gave us the opportunity to visit Washington"; "now is your chance"
tabula rasa
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Fighting the impastoed tabulae rasae of Dubuffet and the "Eden of academic tachism," they sought to utilize "the tools of actual technical invention" (Piene) in "open mechanical arrangements" (Mack).
Perhaps we all should be intellectual and spiritual tabulae rasae, cool dudes open to all experiences.
Everything seems aimed at the tabulae rasae of students who have never seen Milton before.