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Vendors, too, are trying to incorporate ranked-choice tabulators into their next generation of voting machines.
All forty-one of the questions on Myanmar's 2014 census produced problematic data, as international technical consultants, enumerators, tabulators and enforcers made thousands of day-to-day interpretive decisions that distorted allegedly neutral "snapshots" into social fictions.
com/article/1994/04/08/marisa-tomei-oscar-winner/) Entertainment Weekly that two officials from the accounting firm of Price Waterhouse, the official tabulators of the Academy Award ballots, will always be stationed in the wings at every Academy Awards ceremony, making sure that all the winners are announced correctly.
Under the new system, the ballots of individuals with disabilities are fed through the same tabulators that count the ballots that are manually completed by other voters at the polling place.
They include the realities of pre- and post-election polling; the massive stripping of primarily black, Hispanic, Muslim and Asian-American voters from computer-generated registration rolls mostly maintained by private, partisan companies; unverifiable "black box" electronic voting machines and central tabulators, also mostly manufactured and maintained by private corporations; and much more.
But in a recent visit to Maguindanao, Philippine National Police Director General Ricardo Marquez told reporters he would rather see police officers deployed as peacekeepers than voting result tabulators.
In addition, through the cooperation among the teachers, supported by Internet tools (essentially HootSuite that allows keeping streams generated by activities hashtags), it was possible to monitor the students during the implementation, retrieve the tweets with the authors' and timing data identifying them with the course hashtags (keeping them in txt format, separating fields by tabulators and pasting them in a spreadsheet file), and analyse the information obtained, initially, through the training activity carried out in Twitter, an incipient analysis was carried out fairly swiftly in order to provide, when required, diligent solutions.
He became known as the "father of machine cryptanalysis" when he began using IBM tabulators to streamline the process of sorting through the numerous possible solutions when breaking codes and ciphers.
It was the properties of alternating knots that enable the earlier knot tabulators to construct tables with relatively few mistakes or omissions.
IBM used to sell commercial scales and punch-card tabulators, now it deals in software, consulting services and IT services.
These international rankings are, of course, based on whatever patchy data one can lay one's hands on for a whole range of countries - one data generator for a reputed international organization once told me that, as the annual deadline approaches, the pressure on them to somehow fill as many cells as possible in the international data matrix in front of them is intense - blithely ignoring uneven quality and poor comparability of data across countries, and in some cases where the data are practically non-existent, the tabulators even feel compelled to extrapolate from data for other countries in the neighborhood.