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 (tă-kĭs′tə-skōp′, tə-)
An apparatus that projects a series of images onto a screen at rapid speed to test visual perception, memory, and learning.

[Greek takhistos, superlative of takhus, swift + -scope.]

ta·chis′to·scop′ic (-skŏp′ĭk) adj.
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(Physiology) an instrument, used mainly in experiments on perception and memory, for displaying visual images for very brief intervals, usually a fraction of a second
[C20: from Greek takhistos swiftest (see tachy-) + -scope]
tachistoscopic adj
taˌchistoˈscopically adv
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(təˈkɪs təˌskoʊp)

an apparatus that exposes visual stimuli, as words, very briefly, used to test perception or to increase reading speed.
[1905–10; < Greek táchist(os), superlative of tachýs swift + -o- + scope]
ta•chis`to•scop′ic (-ˈskɒp ɪk) adj.
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an instrument for exposing pictures and other visual stimuli for very brief periods, used in psychological testing and various teaching methods.
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Noun1.tachistoscope - scientific instrument used by psychologiststachistoscope - scientific instrument used by psychologists; presents visual stimuli for brief exposures
scientific instrument - an instrument used by scientists
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24) in effect remediate an obsolete and now largely forgotten medium like the tachistoscope, thus revealing the latter as an important "medial layer" (p.
If high entropy-gradient pictures stand out visually then the experiment becomes a (no tachistoscope) test of the importance of sensory feedback "in disguise" (see "Contents" section above).
(2011) Do scores on a tachistoscope test correlate with baseball batting averages?
Perceptual Accuracy is a tachistoscope program intended to develop rapid visual processing.
We designed a special tachistoscope (stereo projector) to present stimuli in the millisecond range and to control the displaying time of the stimuli separately for each eye.
Topics include the mechanics of obsolence in photography and electronic media; residual uses of media in museums and by dance disc jockeys; the everyday domestic assembly and archiving of objects such as saved love letters, videotapes, and audio vinyl; the role of history in providing access to neglected culture and influences; and shaping of bodies and skills in relation to the technology of player pianos, the typewriter, and the tachistoscope ("an experimental instrument and accelerated learning machine" used in psychology laboratories and classrooms).
An audiovisual (AV) tachistoscope IS-703 (Iwatsu Isel) was used to present visual stimuli to the participants.
In the early 1980s most IT tasks were administered using a tachistoscope, with abstract stimuli typically requiring a judgement about whether the longer of two lines was on the right or on the left of a compound stimulus.
Coloroll [6] tachistoscope evidence was dismissed as being divorced from real life (judgment, p.
Glucksberg 128 male Subjects read a word from a (1962) [a]-- college pair of words presented on a experiment 2 students tachistoscope. Tomporowski 55 college Subjects had to match a et al.