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 (tă-kĭg′rə-fē, tə-)
The art or practice of rapid writing or shorthand, especially the stenography of the ancient Greeks and Romans.


(Historical Terms) shorthand, esp as used in ancient Rome or Greece
taˈchygrapher, taˈchygraphist n
tachygraphic, tachygraphical adj
ˌtachyˈgraphically adv


(tæˈkɪg rə fi, tə-)

shorthand, esp. any of various shorthand systems of the ancient Greeks and Romans.


1. the ancient Greek and Roman shorthand systems.
2. cursive writing. — tachygrapher, tachygraphist, n.tachygraphic, tachygraphical, adj.
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Noun1.tachygraphy - a method of writing rapidlytachygraphy - a method of writing rapidly    
handwriting, script, hand - something written by hand; "she recognized his handwriting"; "his hand was illegible"
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As agreed, Turkish side may be requested to organize Capacity Building Training Program for group of Pakistan officials on TIR and ADR International Conventions as well as in the fields of digital tachygraphy, licensing, logistics and vehicle inspection stations.
The Tachygraphy of a Wayfaring Observer: Adan's La casa de carton," Latin American Vanguards.
But it was not until he reflected on the history of the card catalog, tachygraphy (the famous nineteenth-century library hand), and typewriters that many of the younger members of the audience became animated by his move into what might be thought of s modem library technology.