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A hypothetical subatomic particle that always travels faster than the speed of light.

tach′y·on′ic adj.
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(General Physics) physics characteristic of a tachyon
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For tan [beta] sufficiently large to ensure a predominantly SM-like Higgs boson (tan [beta] > 3-4 is a condition often fulfilled, for instance, in scenarios where EWSB is obtained radiatively via the renormalization group evolution of soft SUSY-breaking parameters constrained at some high scale, as it prevents certain soft masses from running tachyonic at the low scale.), the coupling to the nucleon can thus be expressed entirely in terms of the higgsino fraction (or purity), [f.sub.h], which depends on the elements of the unitary matrix, N, diagonalizing (1).
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I speculate that the mind/soul may be an information field as perhaps first envisioned by Plato--what I call a Platonic Akashic Tachyonic Holographic quantum field (PATH-QF), possibly what the ancients called the Akashic record-- interacting with "real" matter fields.
Those numbers show that, in the EM field, the resonance is tachyonic and the shortcuts can ring independently or in a combined manner.
"Tachyonic shielding", said Anderson, "even police helicopters can't track it when the power's on."
The sky was "grandfather," the sea was "grandmother," the earth was "mother," and everything was a part of "me." In modern times, Bell's experiment has corroborated this interconnectedness, which (excluding the possibility of tachyonic signals) demonstrated quantum entanglement of photons.
Elaine fantasizes about moving faster than the speed of light and so traveling backward in time, in what mathematicians as well as artists call "imaginary time" (143).(10) This is what she achieves in a sense, through memory, which allows us all to be tachyonic (faster than the speed of light).(11) In the novel's present, Elaine is in "the middle of her life," which is a time and a place (Cat's Eye 13).
In the second place, it is far from clear that human foreknowledge is confined to these two methods (assuming that time machines, tachyonic radios, crystal balls, or the like are conceptually possible); and even if it were so confined, forebelief is certainly not, and it is belief (rather than the other constituents of knowledge) which is relevant to the Problem of Agency.
Thus whether a tachyonic worldline ends when it meets the worldline of an ordinary particle depends on the colour of the other particle when the other tachyon meets the other particle.
In [26], the authors extended this formalism for scalar fields with tachyonic dynamics.
One then finds that [(dr/dt).sup.2] + [r.sup.2] [(d[theta]/dt).sup.2] + [r.sup.2] [sin.sup.2] [theta] [(d[phi]/dt).sup.2] [less than or equal to] [c.sup.2] which, considering the spherical coordinate system, confirms the expectation that the speed of light is insurmountable in special relativity, with the possible exception of tachyonic particles.
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