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 (tăk′ĭp-nē′ə, tăk′ĭ-nē′ə)
Rapid breathing.

[New Latin : tachy- + Greek pnoiē, breathing (from pnein, to breathe; see pneu- in Indo-European roots).]

tach′yp·ne′ic adj.
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tachypnea, tachypnoea

abnormally rapid breathing or respiration.
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n. taquipnea, respiración rápida excesiva.
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Two hours after transfusion, he became febrile, hypotensive, and tachypneic, and antibiotics were started; he died of septic shock 2 days later.
(2,3) The gyrfalcon was kept in an oxygen chamber for 2 hours; during which time, it remained tachypneic (100 breaths per minute) until radiography could be performed with the bird under general anesthesia.
B's nurse returned to his home, she found him to be tachypneic and verbigerating the phrase "I don't know." She contacted emergency services again, and Mr.
On the ninth day of illness, he became tachycardic (102 beats/min) and tachypneic (30 breaths/min), his blood pressure decreased to 95/60 mmHg, and he developed chest crepitations bilaterally.
She had a temperature of 38.9[degrees]C and was found to be tachypneic, hypotensive, and hypoxemic.
The patient was seen to be slightly tachypneic in the respiratory system examination, and his heart was detected to be rhythmical and tachycardic in the cardiovascular system examination.
Upon initial evaluation, the patient was alert and afebrile, mildly tachypneic (23 bpm), tachycardic (120 bpm) and with markedly elevated blood pressure (185/100 mmhg) fitting the criteria for hypertensive urgency.
At birth, the male infant was tachypneic and had retractions, with an Apgar score of five at 1st and seven at 5th minute after birth.
The Blood Pressure was 110/70 mmHg, he was Tachycardiac, Tachypneic and had fever (101AdegF) with jaundice (yellow) sclera.
She was lethargic, tachypneic and a systolic heart murmur was observed.
The most important result of the present study was the shallower [DELTA]VT/[DELTA]lnVE ratio in the EG, which suggests tachypneic breathing pattern accompanied with less ventilatory efficiency during exercise.
On physical exam, he was noted to be hypoxic, tachypneic, tachycardic, and hypotensive.