tack down

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w>tack down

vt sepfestnageln; (Brit Sew) → festheften
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The number plates of suspected cars were also probed as part of efforts to discover details and circumstances of the case and tack down the suspect.
Stipendiary steward Marcus Weedon said: "Once the jockey has returned to the changing room and put his tack down he's deemed not to have weighed in.
In these breeds, if an owner knows the blood-line has a history of gastric dilatation or torsion, he or she may elect to have prophylactic surgery to tack down the stomach and prevent rotation.
It's really cold," said Jaquelin Pineda as she watched Juan Hernandez and Margarito Balacios tack down black plastic in long strips to smother weeds in the north section of the property.
Some left the paper white and started from there; some added salt to their applied wet paint; others used rubber cement to tack down the letters and, you guessed it, resisted subsequent watercolor washes.
Yet hands up those who've been meaning to tack down that loose I carpet edge for a wee while.
An electrolytic process then uses nickel to tack down the abrasive to the exposed wheel profile.