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tack·y 1

adj. tack·i·er, tack·i·est
Slightly adhesive or gummy to the touch; sticky.

[From tack.]

tack′i·ness n.

tack·y 2

adj. tack·i·er, tack·i·est Informal
a. Lacking style or good taste; tawdry: tacky clothes.
b. Distasteful or offensive; tasteless: a tacky remark.
2. Flimsy, rundown, or in poor repair: "a tacky room he could tear apart with his bare hands" (John Edgar Wideman).

[From tackey, an inferior horse.]

tack′i·ly adv.
tack′i·ness n.
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Noun1.tackiness - the property of being cohesive and stickytackiness - the property of being cohesive and sticky
viscosity, viscousness - resistance of a liquid to shear forces (and hence to flow)
2.tackiness - tastelessness by virtue of being cheap and vulgar
tastelessness - inelegance indicated by a lack of good taste


n (of paint etc)Klebrigkeit f


n (inf)Billigkeit f; (of area, bar)heruntergekommener Zustand; (of clothes, food, colour scheme)Geschmacklosigkeit f
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PRET's products include compounds approved for seamless airbag deployment and grades with very low odor/emissions, high scratch/mar resistance, minimal tackiness, and excellent color matching and color consistency--all key attributes for interior-trim components.
Both series are two-component, heat-cured and addition-cure type silicone rubber compounds featuring low hardness, high tear strength, low viscosity, high elongation and low tackiness.
It's inherent tackiness acts as a slip resistant material, keeping SoxsolS in place under your foot.
It features an aluminum complex thickener base, providing extreme water resistance, excellent mechanical stability, reversibility and tackiness.
High concentrations of surfactants (which coat particles to maintain a dispersion) unfortunately reduce the elastomer sensory properties by creating tackiness.
It never ceases to amaze me how each one tries to outdo the other in terms of tackiness, with more of the bright multi-coloured tacky neon lights (possibly from the same source).
For example, we have significantly increased the rubber s tackiness on the roller and have done so without adding any processing aids.
Additionally, this new low-odor material enables the development of highly stable emulsions while keeping viscosity low and provides a light feel with low tackiness for improved sensory performance.
The hardtop of the convertible avoided the tackiness that some soft tops hold, to the overall look of a sports vehicle and provided the Z4 with a glossy coupe look.
and early on day one it tends to spin a little bit with a bit of tackiness under the pitch," he added.
I'm away to comfort eat a slab of shortbread while I reflect on a level of tackiness and cheesiness that's utterly Beyond Beleith.
And especially when that fancy dress includes plastic crowns of such tackiness that even a particularly unintelligent, uncultured and noisome ferret would abandon its owner rather than be seen in the company of someone wearing such a thing.