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Gear; tackle.
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I then took my tackling, and, fastening a hook to the hole at the prow of each, I tied all the cords together at the end.
Nine of Jove's years are gone; the timbers of our ships have rotted; their tackling is sound no longer.
Whether it's passing, or tackling, or dribbling, there's no one to touch him, and then, he's got the head, and can hold us all together.
What they really need is some way of tackling them when they are under water.
As it is, we'll only be able to catch one boat, for while we are tackling that one it will be up nets and away with the rest.
There can be nothing more reassuring to a young man tackling his life's work for the first time.
I cut as soon as I saw it wasn't a dog; the chauffeurs are tackling the girl.
The purpose of tackling is to stop an opponent from gaining ground towards the goal line.
Recently Spain and Real Madrid midfielder Xabi Alonso said he did not understand this country's fascination with tackling, and that it should, in fact, be a last resort.
Contact when tackling with the "head-up" allows the forces to be partly absorbed by the neck, and thus much less likely to occur.
It wasn't one team that said Dallas is tackling like this and putting people in jeopardy,'' said Mike Periera, the NFL's director of officiating.
LOUTH boss Val Andrews reckons the GAA should take a leaf out of the Aussie Rules book when it comes to tackling.