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 (tăk′təl, -tīl′)
1. Relating to, involving, or perceptible to the sense of touch: tactile sensations; tactile sensitivity.
2. Characterized by or conveying an illusion of tangibility: tactile language.

[From Latin tāctilis, from tāctus, past participle of tangere, to touch; see tact.]

tac′tile·ly adv.
tac·til′i·ty (-tĭl′ĭ-tē) n.


in a tactile manner
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Keith Goldberg, Sullivan Branding's executive creative director, said tactilely they created a two-prong approach.
The keyboard, John Irving's beautiful fortepiano, sustains many of the textures (repeated woodwind chords are convincingly transferred to the instrument's tactilely responsive articulation), violin, viola and cello stand in for horns, bassoons and whatever else with great success, with only the rare halting phrasing making us regret the absence of suave winds, and the clarinettist (here the heroic Jane Booth) sweetly reminds us of the work's provenance.
The crown surface of each tooth was examined macroscopically and, where possible, tactilely by running the fingernail over the surface and recording any detectable depressions in the enamel.
Caption: The XDE reminds its handler both visually and tactilely with a loaded chamber indicator that's pushed up above the slide by a cartridge's rim.
The students were then told they could engage with the dog visually, verbally or tactilely for 15 minutes.
Many retailers have adopted what's known as the "Apple Store concept"--incorporating light colors, bright lights and modern displays, which have enabled guests to tactilely engage with retail products.
The colorless oil that fills the vitreous is visibly and tactilely evident.
Tactilely, too, we use our hands--with, importantly, students' permission--to check for tension, to help with breath, to correct posture and alignment.
Whitby, McLaws and Ross (2006) determined that two types of behaviour were present among nurses--inherent behaviour in which handwashing was undertaken when hands were visibly or tactilely soiled, or if a procedure was deemed to be universally considered dirty, such as changing a urine bag or changing a wound dressing.
This pedometer has a talking feature that allows data to be accessed audibly, and raised buttons that tactilely guide users in scrolling through various descriptors of physical activity (for instance, steps taken, caloric expenditure, and activity time).
Brands are creating visually and tactilely stimulating packaging as a way to demonstrate a point of difference on shelf and communicate to consumers the benefits of food-based ingredients.
5)) may facilitate prezygotic isolation by allowing breeding pairs to cue visually and tactilely on differences in body color (Fig.