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Lacking or exhibiting a lack of tact; bluntly inconsiderate or indiscreet.

tact′less·ly adv.
tact′less·ness n.
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Noun1.tactlessness - the quality of lacking tact
inconsiderateness, inconsideration, thoughtlessness - the quality of failing to be considerate of others
tact, tactfulness - consideration in dealing with others and avoiding giving offense
لَباقَه، كِياسَه


[ˈtæktlɪsnɪs] Nfalta f de tacto



(tӕkt) noun
care and skill in one's behaviour to people, in order to avoid hurting or offending them. He showed tact in dealing with difficult customers.
ˈtactful adjective
showing tact. a tactful person; tactful behaviour.
ˈtactfully adverb
ˈtactfulness noun
tactless adjective
without tact. a tactless person/remark.
ˈtactlessly adverb
ˈtactlessness noun
References in classic literature ?
The context convinces me, however, that you have sinned rather through ignorance and tactlessness than through malice, so I am content to pass the matter by.
We experience such a world every day: not just common tactlessness like expressing extreme political views at a dinner party, forgetting to turn your cell phone off at a concert, or indulging in road rage, but premeditated and serious acts like politicians conducting demeaning political campaigns, companies outsourcing customer service to robotic English speakers overseas, airlines letting people linger for hours without accurate information about delays, product sponsors bombarding us with obnoxious commercials, and so forth.
The electoral loss in Ugenya, Embakasi South and the lame duck ODM withdrawal from the Wajir West by-election, all attributable to DP's machinations, have betrayed tactlessness on the part of the Orange party.
In a conception of man whose psychic life is forced into a seamlessly determined series of causal connections strictly and really scientifically conceived, no place at all is given for any freedom, any more than for 'tactlessness towards the analysand [Taktlosigkeiten gegenuber den Analysanden]' (4), which Freud so authoritatively said the therapist was to avoid.
When we respond to God's message, the little demons in us -- like our tactlessness and behavior that make other people suffer -- are expelled.
His tantrums when he gets things wrong, his willingness to break rules and even laws, his vanity and occasional tactlessness are all part of what makes him lovable.
Journalists often seek to provoke some form of reaction with their questions, but the tactlessness of this one clearly backfired.
The feedback from netizens was expected: outright condemnation of the racial tactlessness (at best) and blatant racism (at worst).
This is not 'promoting democracy.' This is regime change without taking collateral damage into account-as Trump made clear, with his usual tactlessness, when he threatened Venezuela with a military intervention" (NotiSur, Aug.
The tactlessness of these ministers shocked many people who were appalled by the massacre.
But unlike Delate, whose exit was the angry response to the tactlessness of a neighbour who had 'no idea of the dimension of [her] question' (117) in asking the helicopter door-gunner whether he had killed anyone in Vietnam, this unnamed POW bore very obvious marks of having lived through a harrowing physical and mental ordeal.