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[Latin tāctus, touch; see tact + -al.]

tac′tu·al·ly adv.
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1. (Physiology) caused by touch; causing a tactile sensation
2. (Physiology) of or relating to the tactile sense or the organs of touch
[C17: from Latin tactus a touching; see tact]
ˈtactually adv
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(ˈtæk tʃu əl)

of or pertaining to the sense of touch.
[1635–45; < Latin tāctu(s) touch (see tact) + -al1]
tac′tu•al•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.tactual - of or relating to or proceeding from the sense of touch; "haptic data"; "a tactile reflex"
2.tactual - producing a sensation of touch; "tactile qualities"; "the tactual luxury of stroking silky human hair"
tangible, touchable - perceptible by the senses especially the sense of touch; "skin with a tangible roughness"
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Of, relating to, or arising from the sense of touch:
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adjtaktil (spec); tactual pleasureBerührungslust f
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But the gift somewhere dropped out of the line of succession: the later sovereigns of England have not been tactual healers, and the disease once honored with the name "king's evil" now bears the humbler one of "scrofula," from scrofa , a sow.
"The big part of it is the physical load and exercise, as much as it is the tactual side," Ricketts added.
"This dispensing system also protects and maintains the product's smooth texture and tactual sensation," he adds.
Honda is featuring partnerships with BRAIQ, DeepMap, DynaOptics, EXO Technologies, Tactual Labs, and WayRay at Honda's Global Innovator Showcase.
Ali, "A Tangible Interface-based Application for Teaching Tactual Shape Perception and Spatial Awareness Sub-Concepts to Visually Impaired Children," Procedia Manufacturing, vol.
[check] The other participants in the labor process are persons who are in the enterprise and / or establishment with the employer's permission, during the period of prior testing of professional skills for employment, persons engaged in community service activities or voluntary activities as well as unemployed persons while participating in a training course, and people who do not have a written individual employment contract in writing and for whom the con tactual provisions and services provided can be proven by any other means of proof;
However, we considered the stimuli selected for use in the study to be acceptable substitutes considering the high degree of physical and tactual similarity with actual firearms.
Using the constant time delay procedure, adapted to include verbal and physical controlling prompts (full manual guidance) to draw attention to salient tactual components of words, students reached mastery in automatic recognition of nine to 12 words within one to two months of daily instruction.
* Tactual and taste sensitivity among men and women from a different social background (Dehn 1894),
Angle Speed Power Thrust Velocity no (degree) (rpm) (watts) (Tactual) of incoming airflow v (m/s) 1 -5 750 22 0.76 3.9 2 -3 750 22 0.85 3.1 3 -1 750 22 0.88 2.6 4 1 750 22 0.7 1.4 5 3 750 22 0.85 1.9 6 5 750 22 0.85 3.9 Sl.
As Hobbes understood already, the fight will end without any proclivity to rekindle it only if one of the two--by whatever means--has a factual monopoly of control over the patch of land and the other cannot rationally challenge--at least not for the time being--that tactual control.