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Adj.1.tadpole-shaped - shaped in the form of a tadpole
formed - having or given a form or shape
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Like a knife cutting through flesh and exposing a wound, the tidal pool widens into a tadpole-shaped loch filled with sea water and obscured from the main ocean by the jagged rock formations chiseled through thousands of years of swell battering.
The foal, which belongs to a now-extinct species, was spotted by locals in the permafrost 6 the frozen subsurface layer of soil 6 of Siberia's tadpole-shaped Batagaika crater and later unearthed by an international team of paleontologists hailing from Japan and Russia.
Inspired by the above researches, we designed and synthesized three tadpole-shaped POSS-based PMMA-b-PTFEMA weakly diblock copolymers using step ATRP technique.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers finally answered a question that has stumped scientists since the early 1600s: Why are the heads of tadpole-shaped pieces of glass called "Prince Rupert's drops" so strong?
And in the best moment of all, they show slow-motion footage (100,000 frames per second) of a tadpole-shaped section of compressive-strength glass exploding.
''This was followed by a report from a doctor in the Moseley area, some four miles away, who watched a tadpole-shaped object with a dark blue head and light blue tail, flying across the sky.
"As I rinsed my mouth, I noticed a small tadpole-shaped object in the basin.