Variant of tafia.
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The trio, who had planned to form a Welsh far-right group called the Taffia had initially plotted to murder Rochdale Labour councillor Aftab Hussain, the court heard.
MARK CUETO reckons England's Lions hopefuls were victims of the tourists' Welsh Taffia.
Cue bitter recriminations and conspiracy theories about Taffia string-pulling (or, as Hampshire chairman Rod Bransgrove would have it, the "silent but very powerful 'w' in ECB.
Duties on Syrian exports would be phased-out over 12 years on drinks including rum, taffia and Vermouth.
Here we take a look back at how the gig went down in history: Chart success and media hype had shaped Catatonia to lead the Taffia sound.
The faces should have been those of real people who understood economic uncertainty, not the privileged visages of a self-righteous Taffia.
A conspiracy orchestrated by the media and high-ranking members of the Taffia who, when they are not bemoaning the decline of S4C or slaughtering goats in a field in Bangor with a pillow-case on their head, are worried that, if we all woke up to the fact that rugby is just another lame Welsh cliche, we might actually move the nation forward into, oh, I don't know, the 19th Century.
Dwi'n cytuno hefo pobl byddwn unwaith wedi eu hystyried yn wrth-Gymraeg (o bosib yn wrth-Gymreig hefyd) mae gennym ddiwylliant wedi ei noddi, wedi ei ysbaddu gan grantiau, yn ddibynnol ar S4C a'r Eisteddfod, yn cael ei redeg gan y Taffia ac erbyn heddiw wyrion y Taffia ac yn waeth na hynny mae gennym rhyw fath o siam(byls) o Lywodraeth sydd yn golygu fod y diawlied ar ein stepan drws yn hytrach na phell i ffwrdd yn Llundain.
On Tuesday evening, Uttoxeter welcomes Aled Jones - the fourth member of the singing Taffia, with Jenkins, Bryn Terfel and Charlotte Church - in concert after racing.
All thoroughly good chaps, but isn't this a case of the Taffia at work?
And outside these quotas, EU duties on Syrian exports would be phased-out over 12 years on a wide variety of drinks including rum, taffia, Vermouth, bottled and flavoured water and soft-drinks.