Variant of tafia.
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He's not considered one of the BBC Taffia, but to me he is the one presenter who doesn't think he is bigger than the news he presents.
Hywel was one of three Aberystwyth University Student Union Presidents who each played key roles for Wales in Brussels, where they were fondly known as the "Welsh Taffia".
They put a Welsh stamp on the name, which was inspired by Berwyn's friendship group who have jokingly called themselves "the Taffia" for years.
The trio, who had planned to form a Welsh far-right group called the Taffia had initially plotted to murder Rochdale Labour councillor Aftab Hussain, the court heard.
Following his performance Robbie and Ola get on Saturday he commented on Twitter: "Russell you were great, the Taffia!" Wrexham man Robbie will perform as a bald zombie.
MARK CUETO reckons England's Lions hopefuls were victims of the tourists' Welsh Taffia.
SIMON JONES, the godfather of reverse swing, has his eyes on an Ashes encore when Australia venture across the Severn Bridge to face the 'Taffia' next year.
THEY have been dubbed 'the Taffia': the surging tide of Welsh jumps trainers who have put the principality on the map in the last couple of years.
And outside these quotas, EU duties on Syrian exports would be phased-out over 12 years on a wide variety of drinks including rum, taffia, Vermouth, bottled and flavoured water and soft-drinks.
And he would certainly feel at home at Ewood Park, where Hughes has assembled his own "Taffia", having taken his senior Welsh coaching team of Mark Bowen and Eddie Niedzwiecki as well as Under-21 coach Glyn Hodges with him.
I get particularly tickled by those Taffia types who speak English with aristocratic accents then switch to the Welsh language with the diction of an archdruid.