tag along

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Verb1.tag along - go along with, often uninvited; "my younger brother often tagged along when I went out with my friends"
accompany - go or travel along with; "The nurse accompanied the old lady everywhere"
يَلْحَق شَخْصا آخر دون أن يكونَ مَرْغوبا
přidat se k
hæfte sig på
fylgja á eftir
pridať sa k

w>tag along

vi (unwillingly, unwanted) → mittrotten (inf)or -zockeln (inf); to tag along behind somebodyhinter jdm herzockeln (inf)or -trotten (inf); why don’t you tag along? (inf)warum kommst/gehst du nicht mit?


(tӕg) noun
1. a label. a price-tag; a name-tag.
2. a saying or quotation that is often repeated. a well-known Latin tag.
3. something small that is added on or attached. a question-tag such as `isn't it?'
4. a children's game in which one player chases the others and tries to touch one of them. to play tag.
verbpast tense, past participle tagged
to put a tag or label on something. All the clothes have been tagged.
tag along (often with behindor with)
to follow or go (with someone), often when one is not wanted. We never get away from him – everywhere we go, he insists on tagging along (with us)!
tag on
1. (usually with at or to) to attach (something) to something. These comments weren't part of his speech – he just tagged them on at the end.
2. to follow (someone) closely. The child always tags on to his elder brother.
References in classic literature ?
Tom said we better jump out and tag along after them, because they was going our way and it wouldn't be comfortable to run across the ghost all by ourselves.
Request for Quotation Provision of tag along trailers.
However, a few unwelcome guests to tag along - and she is soon bombarded with everyone's stories of married life.
To their horror, he asks the excruciatingly annoying hippie-dippy Crystal Fairy (Gabby Hoffman) to tag along.
Palestinian official responsible for settlement file in the West Bank, Ghassan Douglas, told PNN that settlers set fire to two vehicles and spray-painted "Price Tag" slogansreading "Esh Kodesh", "revenge", and price tag along with a Star of David.
Nicky Turner sent out Robert Bennett's Tag Along Jim to win the EUR800 FFK Sires Open 525 final in 29.
After his band perform at T In The Park, he will race to Glasgow for his gig at The Arches - and who knows who will tag along with him.
The mandatory bid rule is known in Brazil as the tag along right which will be the term that we will use henceforth.
When you're looking to buy a new home, it would be great to have a full-time home inspector tag along for each viewing and give advice, wouldn't it?
It's just that it's one thing to match up high-strung pros trying to line up putts with high-energy, hit-'em-all-over-the-place pseudo-hacks who tag along in the electric carts.
Not too long ago, around the time Star Trek was marking its 40th anniversary, William Shatner decided not to tag along on Virgin Galactic's first space foray, slated for 2008.
The network is continuing its Educator Abroad program and invites classes to log on and tag along on new trips to South Africa and China.