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Verb1.tag along - go along with, often uninvited; "my younger brother often tagged along when I went out with my friends"
accompany - go or travel along with; "The nurse accompanied the old lady everywhere"
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يَلْحَق شَخْصا آخر دون أن يكونَ مَرْغوبا
přidat se k
hæfte sig på
fylgja á eftir
pridať sa k

w>tag along

vi (unwillingly, unwanted) → mittrotten (inf)or -zockeln (inf); to tag along behind somebodyhinter jdm herzockeln (inf)or -trotten (inf); why don’t you tag along? (inf)warum kommst/gehst du nicht mit?
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(tӕg) noun
1. a label. a price-tag; a name-tag.
2. a saying or quotation that is often repeated. a well-known Latin tag.
3. something small that is added on or attached. a question-tag such as `isn't it?'
4. a children's game in which one player chases the others and tries to touch one of them. to play tag.
verbpast tense, past participle tagged
to put a tag or label on something. All the clothes have been tagged.
tag along (often with behindor with)
to follow or go (with someone), often when one is not wanted. We never get away from him – everywhere we go, he insists on tagging along (with us)!
tag on
1. (usually with at or to) to attach (something) to something. These comments weren't part of his speech – he just tagged them on at the end.
2. to follow (someone) closely. The child always tags on to his elder brother.
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References in classic literature ?
Tom said we better jump out and tag along after them, because they was going our way and it wouldn't be comfortable to run across the ghost all by ourselves.
In September 2018, he asked the crowd if there was anybody in their group who just asked to tag along, since there have been many incidents when a stranger would ask to join a group as an attempt to siphon the group's winnings later on.
Tag along on a Twilight Hike at Rock Springs Conservation Area on Thursday, February 28 from 5 p.m.
He decided to tag along with favourite Jim Peters, who headed off at world-record pace.
While Leroy doesn't utter a word about Annie joining them on the field, he appears to suspect that Max has other reasons why he likes Annie to tag along on the case.
(2011/15) Hitman Film4 10.50pm An assassin known as Agent 47 goes on the run from both the Russian secret service and his own employers, reluctantly allowing a witness to his latest hit to tag along. Interpol agent Mike Whittier (Dougray Scott) is hot their tail.
And, for the right house, sis Kylie, 17, may tag along.
However, a few unwelcome guests to tag along - and she is soon bombarded with everyone's stories of married life.
We decided to tag along, sending a photographer to four of the cities he rolled through to hang out with the rap-world warbler before, during and after his live performance.
"We need to look at the terms first between Alphaland and Ashmore before we can decide whether to exercise or waive our right of first refusal, or invoke the tag along," the statement added.
But my Italian heritage seemed to tag along, much to my surprise; growing up, I hadn't appreciated my dad's Sicilian background other than thinking that lasagna with my dad's homemade sauce was nature's perfect food.