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Verb1.tag on - fix totag on - fix to; attach; "append a charm to the necklace"
attach - cause to be attached
subjoin - add to the end
يَتْبَع عَن قُرْبيُلْصِق، يَزيد
dostatečně připojitjít v patách
bæta viîelta
dodatočne pripojiťísť v pätách

w>tag on

visich anhängen (→ to an +acc)
vt sep (= attach)anhängen (→ to an +acc), → befestigen (→ to an +dat); (= add as afterthought)anhängen (→ to an +acc)


(tӕg) noun
1. a label. a price-tag; a name-tag.
2. a saying or quotation that is often repeated. a well-known Latin tag.
3. something small that is added on or attached. a question-tag such as `isn't it?'
4. a children's game in which one player chases the others and tries to touch one of them. to play tag.
verbpast tense, past participle tagged
to put a tag or label on something. All the clothes have been tagged.
tag along (often with behindor with)
to follow or go (with someone), often when one is not wanted. We never get away from him – everywhere we go, he insists on tagging along (with us)!
tag on
1. (usually with at or to) to attach (something) to something. These comments weren't part of his speech – he just tagged them on at the end.
2. to follow (someone) closely. The child always tags on to his elder brother.