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also tag-a·long  (tăg′ə-lông′, -lŏng′)
One that persistently follows another: "Technological change separates the innovators from the tag-alongs" (Thomas G. Exter).


someone who trails behind, esp uninvited; a hanger-on


(ˈtæg əˌlɔŋ, -ˌlɒŋ)

a person that follows the lead or initiative of another.
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Noun1.tagalong - someone who persistently (and annoyingly) follows along
follower - a person who accepts the leadership of another
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Pop, which is a connotation for moms who are about to give birth, those who have already given birth, and supportive tagalong fathers, was organized to provide a relaxed shopping experience for moms and moms-to-be.
Like the popular Tagalong song, we bring umbrellas in the morning to shield us from the sun's damaging rays and still bring umbrellas at night to protect us from the heavy rains.
The Emirates Group currently employs more than 4,800 Filipino nationals, of which 300 are Tagalong speaking cabin crew trained to provide the very best experience on-board.
As a child, Ashley worshipped Derek, her football-playing big brother, but he resented having a tagalong little sister.
has a tagalong right to sell its 32.4% interest in the Hunter Valley Operations joint venture.
Although the Trace Gas Orbiter reached the Red Planet as intended, the descent of the tagalong Schiaparelli lander turned into a fatal plunge on October 19th, when a glitch compromised the landing.
Reserves: Folayno Abbi (W), Glengiblin Beam, Glengiblin Miday (W), Seasons High (W), Slaneyside Jay (W), Tagalong Serena (W).
Bailey Williams, 14, on his tagalong bike with dad Craig Williams
This tagalong was discovered on April 27 in images from the Pan-STARRS observatory in Hawaii.
There was the Singaporean chilli crabs and tofu mushroom garlic sambal, Philippine bistek tagalong and pancit canton, Thai prawn and rice noodles pad thai, chicken money bags, Thai grilled lamb chops, Thai green curry with mixed seafood, Chinese chicken pau, vegetable gyoza (vegetarian fried dumplings), vegetable spring roll, stir fried Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce, Korean fish cakes and beef bulgogi, Indonesian nasi goring, Vietnamese caramelised shrimp (Tom Rim) amongst others.
Yep, we know little brothers can be, well, impossible with their room-raiding, TV-hogging, tagalong ways.
is recommended for any who would learn everyday communication using the Filipino language tagalong, and includes a free MP3 audio cd in its handbook which is designed to help any learner.