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A smooth-surfaced heavy paper or light cardboard used especially for making stencils, cutouts, and posters. Also called oak tag.

[tag (perhaps because such paper or cardboard was used to make tags) + board.]


a type of cardboard used for making labels


(ˈtægˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd)

a strong cardboard suitable for making tags or posters.
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NAEA's tagboard is the quickest way to gather all the #NAEA18 tags from different sites.
Tagboard has announced that it will buy a social media publishing platform, called Capture, used by news media based out of New York City.
19 October 2016 - Seattle-area based social media software company Tagboard Inc.
The social network is testing a feature that allows users to sell and search for items based on location and is giving it a premium slot on the mobile app, according to a post from Joshua Decker, CEO of social media discovery site Tagboard, on the site (https://www.
The program was titled Tagboard and, on the fourth mission, not the first, on June 30, 1966, the launched drone collided with the launching aircraft and both were destroyed over the Pacific.
Plantear la pregunta adecuada, usar las opciones de busqueda avanzada y, sobre todo, escoger el buscador o metabuscador especializado (por ejemplo, para medios sociales Socialmention, Boardreader o Tagboard, para imagenes Tiny Eye) permitira aumentar la pertinencia y reducir el volumen de informacion y todo ello no sera posible sin un previo conocimiento de la materia.
For the first time in Pakistan, Samsung collaborated with Tagboard to curate and display all online conversations about the event on a live screen installed at Samsung Galaxy Lounge.
Tagboard, a social media discovery and display platform, said it has partnered with Eventbrite, the global marketplace for live experiences, to help event organizers easily leverage social media before, during, and after events.
There are numerous services that can assist you to do this, one that aggregates hashtags across platforms currently is Tagboard.
Since round-the-clock posts and hashtags pose a monitoring challenge, she uses the program Tagboard, which aggregates hashtags from all the social networks and pushes notifications to her smartphone and computer.
Cut a piece of poster board or tagboard that extends approximately two inches around your drawing.
1-10) and "Tell language; to find us about your '7,"' commonalities within comparing across days group Rhythm game (2 x 6-inch tagboard to develop ability to "signs" on chest) Clap handle new experiences, thighs in down-up with the assurance that rhythm, snap fingers in practice builds skills left-right rhythm (say own sign on "left," another's on "right"), with the owner of that sign picking up the rhythm, in turn.