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Any of various substances, such as microscopic pieces of multilayered colored plastic, added to a product to indicate its source of manufacture: added taggants to explosives to deter terrorism.

[Short for Microtaggant, trademark for tags identifying explosives.]


1. (Electronics) electronics a microscopic material added to a substance to enable it to be tracked by radio frequency
2. (Chemistry) chem a chemical marker used in various kinds of testing


(ˈtæg ənt)
a substance added to an explosive that may be traced if the explosive is used for unlawful purposes.
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OTCBB:TPDI) today updated details previously reported in its press release dated March 8, 2007 relating to the agreement which its Chinese joint venture company affiliate, True Product ID Technology (Beijing) Limited ("TPID Beijing"), signed with the China Painting & Calligraphy Organization (the "Organization") to apply taggant information technology to calligraphy and painting artworks and jointly establish the service platform for the authentication management system of the calligraphy and painting artworks in China.
The company said, "Looking ahead to the balance of fiscal 2018, the expansion of our cotton business into a major overseas cotton-producing region reflects the growing importance brands owners, retailers and manufacturers place on the origin and authenticity of their cotton-based products and the continued adoption of our proven molecular taggant technology for textiles.
The BIR subjected to testing under Taggant readers a total of 82 master cases and 49 reams of cigarette products including brands Marlboro, Philip Morris, Fortune, Mighty, and Jackpot.
have entered into a technology license memorandum of understanding that combines Applied DNA's proprietary molecular taggant and authentication technology with Colorcon's portfolio of film coating systems, inks and color dispersions for use in solid oral dosage forms in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, the companies said.
Our existing industrial taggant and new biomedical programs complement one another perfectly, steadily improving our capacity to manufacture simple (short) and complex (long) DNA sequences.
Internal revenue stamps affixed on the cigarette packs were tested using the Taggant reader, a BIR-registered equipment used to test the authenticity of stamps affixed on cigarette packs,' the BIR said.
OVD is used by govt authorities worldwide A highly specialised nano- technology forensic security feature similar to DNA composition It cannot be duplicated and used to enhance the security feature of the OVD Configured to read nano- particles on the security hologram, would glow green or Red ' Green' in the presence of nano- particles, ' Red' in their absence on the security hologram OVD: THE TAGGANT EFFECT
Covert security is incorporated as an invisible taggant detected only with the help of a proprietary device.
This new detection tool has surpassed our previous records of performance and usability, and represents the next step in the advancement of spectral taggant technology.
Machine readability using a password protected terminal capable of recognizing the proprietary taggant properties.
XRF (X-ray fluorescence) and handheld or inline laser detection equipment can "read" the embedded taggant signature and verify authenticity of the polymer, product, or component.
Security Materials uses spray pyrolysis technology for brand protection and nanotechnology for covert taggant applications.