tagua nut

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ta·gua nut


[American Spanish tagua, from Quechua tawa.]
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"I don't care if someone puts my lipstick into a MAC or Estee container if it saves a container being thrown in the bin, that's okay." Lush has teams of buyers constantly scouring the world for herbs, essential oils, butters, and nuts, and they came across the tagua nut from Brazil and Ecuador.
The Green Seahorse, a green business certified under Green America's rigorous standards, will be at Booth #144, showcasing its beautiful Tagua Nut Jewelry Collection from Ecuador as well as its eclectic variety of artisan crafts, green fashion accessories, holiday ornaments and other gift ideas - all fair trade products from artisans from all over the world.
It investigates the relationship between politics and photography during the tumultuous period and presents exceptional political ephemera from the private collection of Brian Caplan, including a rare set of campaign buttons from 1860 featuring original tintype portraits of the competing candidates; a carved tagua nut necklace featuring photographic portraits of Confederate Pres.
In fact, it's carved from a tagua nut, an interesting material in itself.
The Nuna Fiori flower necklace, shown here, is crafted from the tagua nut (the fruit of the palm tree that grows in tropical rain forests), and no two necklaces are alike.
The tagua nut is the star of almost all of the Andean Collection's pieces (the andeancollection.com).
Panama's most famous handicraft store is Reprosa in Caso Viejo (00 50 7271 0033; reprosa.com) which sells handmade gold, silver and shell jewellery plus reproductions of pre-Hispanic artefacts, Tagua nut carvings and cocobolo wood souvenirs.
And inside the beautiful box comes a tagua nut hair band which has been harvested by a women's Corporation Group in Colombia called Hope For Women.
If it's made from the tagua nut, from trees grown in the South American rain forest, she loves it.
These pieces of jewellery are made from Tagua nut. The Chia pendant, left, by Taguabella, pounds 19.95, is a new addition to the Colombian natural jewellery range available from Fairtrade producers Kazuri at John Lewis while the stunning turquoise ring, pounds 14, right, is available from online boutique boudalu.com.
They call it vegetable ivory, but it is made from the tagua nut and taken from the trees, which grow all over the place.
Find Japanese textile brushes (left; $52), buttons made of tagua nut ("vegetable ivory"; $2-$4), and Nepali needle cases ($10-$20) hand-carved to resemble fish.